My Friends Hate Me Because I'm So Good At Gang Beasts

User Rating: 9 | Gang Beasts (Early Access) PC

Gang beasts in still currently under development so some parts of the game are subject to change. With that out of the way, Gang Beasts is an extremely fun local multiplayer game that let's you beat the Sh*t out of up to 8 of your friends and throw them off of trucks, Into Subway Trains, Off a building and a lot more. The game is 100% physics based so you must learn to use your characters weight and movement along with not getting knocked out from the hail of fists coming from other players. What makes Gang Beast unique is that there is no set way or rules to play the game, everyone has there own methods and styles they apply to the game in their own way. Some people treat is more like a game of fist a cuffs and just swing for days or others go for a more direct approach trying to toss others out of the map quickly. This is what makes the game so fun, watching you and your friends flail around the map trying to finish one another off but struggling to do simplest tasks because your chubby gummy bear type character handles like he's drunk but that's OK because its extremely hilarious/fun and you enjoin every second of it.If Gang Beasts had online Multiplayer It would be an almost perfect game but sadly you are limited to the amount of friends you can get together. If you are looking for a fun Party/Local Multiplayer game to play with some friends and have a good time, look no further.