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Yuppie Psycho Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 34 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Stole the dagger from Hugo’s hands. Athame
    Went back to your office after the party. Back to Work
    Got the Videoclub Misterio VIP card. Be Kind, Rewind
    Met A.M. Blessed Apparition
    Woke up Domori. Break the Curse
    Fed Sosa’s cats. Cat's out of the Bag
    Found the truth of Hugo's identity. Cleaning Boy
    Found the secret area in the Sintranet library. Corrupt
    Found R.C.’s lair. Crow’s Nest
    Signed the contract with Sintracorp. Deal with the Devil
    Cleared the poisonous air and talked to Dumont. Employee of the Month
    Left the company with Rei Sintra as the new CEO. Ending: Back home
    Left the company after Hugo fired you. Ending: Fired
    Left the company without signing the contract. Ending: I’m better off at home
    Went to the rooftop with Kate. Ending: Stay with me
    Got the photo of the Sintra family. Family Plot
    Rebuilt the robot. Head of the Company
    Used an ink cartridge on the Dot Matrix. Ink Thirst
    Gave Doshi what he was looking for. Junkman
    Passed Colonel Dumont’s test without making any mistakes. Motivational Meeting
    Used the Witch paper with the mirror. Mr. Devil
    Saved your game with the photocopier. Photocopied Soul
    Passed the Initiation test on the second floor. Promotion
    Found the Witch. She
    Placed three boxes in Office E. Shortcut
    Discovered Hugo's final fate. Super Hugo
    Used Sintra’s swing. Sweet Child o’ Mine
    Got Hexenhammer. The Hammer of Witches
    Got the key to the graveyard. The Key
    Talked to Sintra in Sintranet’s pool. Vapor Pool
    Listened to the “Voice” cassette. Voice
    Accessed Sintranet. Welcome to Sintracorp
    Sacrificed all your senses. Witch's Son
    Saved all your friends from the Witch's hands. Work Friends

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer