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Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour Cheats For DS

  1. Ra

    You must progress through the game until you get the Marik. After you duel him a lot, and if you have either Slifer or Obelisk in your trunk, he will ask to trade you for his Ra.

    Contributed by: Vademon86 

  2. Automated Loss (Slightly bad)

    During the expert tournament, if the player who's view is yours loses (Joey or Yugi), it counts as a loss on your own record.

    Contributed by: Maxout623 

  3. Deck Destruction Virus (typo)

    Even though the text of the card states the fiend monster with 500 or less atk has to be destroyed in battle, and it sends 10 cards from the opponent's deck to the graveyard.
    The actual effect the computer uses is tributing 1 dark monster of 1000 atk or less, then for 3 turns any monnster with 1500 atk or higher on your side of the field, hand and draws are destroyed.

    Totally different from the text it displays in the game.

    Contributed by: ultron 

  4. Messed Up Card Effect

    Two cards were mixed up with their effects: Blast with Chain & Kunai with Chain. Both of them increase a monster's attack by 500, but Kunai with chain can place an attack position monster in defense mode, and Blast with Chain can destroy a card on the field if it is destroyed by an opponent's card effect. If you have Blast with Chain face down on the field, and activate it you may notice that sometimes it comes up with a screen that says place a monster in defense position, increase attack, or both effects. If you ever encounter this problem always select increase attack, otherwise the effect will not activate.

    Contributed by: dammahom59 

  5. Blue Medicine's Effect

    If you've ever gotten the card: Blue Medicine, the card's effect on the game says that it will recover both you AND your opponent's Life Points. But when you activate it, it only heals YOUR Life Points. So now you can use it without the fear of regaining your opponent's Life Points.

    Contributed by: GameLink7 

  6. Wing Koriboh

    You must have your GBA Yugioh game named Yu-Gi-Oh!GX Duel Academy inserted into the GBA Slot of your Nintendo DS. Start up your Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour and you shall get 3 wing Koriboh cards. The card that Jaden Yuki uses in the tv show.

    Contributed by: MakotoShishio_X 

  7. Disappearing Pegasus

    If you are playing the U.S. version of the game, Pegasus will no longer appear after defeating Odion due to a bug in the game, so get his deck recipe and trade cards with him before he leaves or you'll be stuck with an incomplete file.

    Contributed by: Crazy_Musician 

  8. The Regulation of the Tribe glitch, you can tribute the opponent's monster

    This card requires a tribute in each standby phase. However, every time the opponent has entered a battle phase, you may tribute a monster ON THEIR SIDE of the field instead of your own in your Standby Phase.
    Which mean even if they have monsters that do not match the declared type, as long as they enter the Battle Phase, you can still keep the card on the field to tribute off one of their monsters
    This card will still be destroyed if you do not have any monster on your side of the field so keep that in mind

    Contributed by: Bearie 

  9. Anti-Spell Fragrance (Exploit)

    This continuous trap card essentially locks the opponent NPC out most Spell Cards other than some Quick-Play Spell Cards.
    Because the NPCs will not set any Spell Card other than Quick-Play Spell Cards, and this card requires a player to set a Spell Card first, the bots will not be able to use any Normal, Field, or Continuous Spell Card - due to the fact that they won't ever set them.
    They would still set Quick-Play Spell Cards as usual.

    Contributed by: Bearie 

  10. Earthshaker (NPC exploit)

    You can use this trap card to destroy most, if not all of the opponent's monsters on the field - without risking destroying any of your monsters.

    How it works:
    This trap cards allows you to select 2 attributes, even if one, or both attributes don't exist on the field.
    The catch is that; the NPC will always pick the attribute that DOES exist on the field, even if it means their own monsters.
    You can simply pick their attribute, then an attribute that don't exist on the field, and the NPC will proceed to select the attribute of their monster(s) and destroy them all.

    Contributed by: Bearie 

  11. Different Dimension Capsule (Exploit)

    Different Dimension Capsule lets you banish a card from your deck and add it to your hand two turns later. However, unlike other cards that let you look through your deck, DDC doesn't shuffle your deck afterward, so you get to know the exact order in which you will draw every card. The deck's order will stay the same until the next time it's shuffled. This can be helpful for cheesing cards like Archfiend's Oath, or just knowing what resources you will have access to over the next couple turns.

    Contributed by: paperclip007 

  12. Card Passwords for the Password Machine

    When you go into the card shop, there is a password machine. In order to use this you must have 3 things: 1. completed expert tournament 2. 1000 KC 3. already have the card you desire (the machine can only be used on cards that you already have). Now that you have these 3 things, you ask, "Where do I get the passwords?" The answer is simple. It's on real yugioh cards, on the bottom left corner. Simply Enter these codes and you will recieve the card you desire. NOTE: YOU CAN ONLY USE EACH CODE ONCE, AND SOME CARDS DON'T HAVE CODES!

    Effect Effect
    49140988 A Feather Of The Phoenix
    21597117 A Hero Emerges
    28596933 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon
    18318842 Abyss Soldier
    41356845 Acid Trap Hole
    18036057 Airknight Parshath
    99785935 Alpha The Magnet Warrior
    21070956 Altar for Tribute
    91869203 Amazon Archer
    64342551 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3
    09076207 Armed Ninja
    42364374 Arsenal Bug
    63689843 Attack and Receive
    71453557 Autonomous Action Unit
    11901678 B. Skull Dragon
    88819587 Baby Dragon
    40633297 Bad Reaction to Simochi
    61528025 Banisher of the Light
    20374520 Begone, Knave
    39256679 Beta The Magnet Warrior
    25655502 Bickuribox
    61127349 Big Bang Shot
    16768387 Big Eye
    41426869 Black Illusion Ritual
    87564352 Blackland Fire Dragon
    28470714 Bladefly
    21466326 Blasting the Ruins
    32015116 Blind Destruction
    25880422 Block Attack
    89631139 Blue Eyes White Dragon
    53183600 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
    23995346 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
    89631139 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
    14087893 Book of Moon
    38699854 Book of Taiyou
    29401950 Bottomless Trap Hole
    52090844 Bowganian
    16507828 Bracchio-Raidus
    24294108 Burning Land
    80163754 Burst Breath
    78193831 Buster Blader
    84740193 Buster Rancher
    17597059 Byser Shock
    97077563 Call of the Haunted
    11384280 Cannor Soldier
    44209392 Castle Walls
    95727991 Catapult Tutrle
    93220472 Cave Dragon
    36468556 Ceasefire
    28106077 Cestus of Dagala
    01248895 Chain Destruction
    57139487 Chain Disappearance
    79323590 Chain Energy
    82301904 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End
    61044390 Chaos End
    97439308 Chaos Greed
    01434352 Chaos Necromancer
    81380218 Chorus of Sanctuary
    06967870 Cliff the Trap Remover
    94192409 Compulsory Evacuation Device
    68057622 Continuous Destruction Punch
    93889755 Crass Clown
    85802526 Cure Mermaid
    41398771 Curse of Aging
    84970821 Curse of Darkness
    94377247 Curse Of The Masked Beast
    34124316 Cyber Jar
    69015963 Cyber-Stein
    05494820 Cyclon Laser
    60912752 D. D. Borderline
    07572887 D. D. Warrior Lady
    70074904 D.D. Assailant
    21417692 Dark Elf
    53129443 Dark Hole
    46986414 Dark Magician
    38033121 Dark Magician Girl
    40737112 Dark Magician of Chaos
    20522190 Dark Mirror Force
    85562745 Dark Room of Nightmare
    92377303 Dark Sage
    61587183 Dark Scorpion - Chick the Yellow
    48768179 Dark Scorpion - Gorg the Strong
    19159413 De-Spell
    69122763 Deal of Phantom
    69542930 Dedication Through Light and Darkness
    44763025 Delinquent Duo
    94212438 Destiny Board
    05616412 Destruction Punch
    21219755 Destruction Ring
    95194279 Dimension Distortion
    24623598 Disappear
    20727787 Disarmament
    77561728 Disturbance Strategy
    74701381 DNA Surgery
    56769674 DNA Transplant
    55991637 Dragon's Gunfire
    13215230 Dream Clown
    99050989 Drillago
    90219263 Elegant Egotist
    06390406 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
    28649820 Embodment of Apophis
    96355986 Enchanted Javelin
    76909279 Enraged Battle Ox
    95051344 Eternal Rest
    17484499 Exchange of the Spirit
    33396948 Exodia the Forbidden One
    45425051 Fairy King Truesdale
    97687912 Fairy Meteor Crush
    41392891 Feral Imp
    81172176 Fiend Comedian
    95308449 Final Countdown
    18591904 Final Destiny
    66788016 Fissure
    45231177 Flame Swordsman
    84834865 Flying Kamakiri #1
    81439173 Foolish Burial
    87430998 Forest
    57069605 Frozen Soul
    33550694 Fusion Gate
    26902560 Fusion Sage
    56594520 Gaia Power
    66889139 Gaia the Dragon Champion
    37313786 Gamble
    11549357 Gamma The Magnet Warrior
    00423705 Gearfried The Iron Knight
    24668830 Germ Infection
    95178994 Giant Germ
    97017120 Giant Rat
    42703248 Giant Trunade
    42703248 Giant Trunade
    98299011 Gift Of The Mystical Elf
    78658564 Goblin Attack Force
    11868825 Goblin's Secret Remedy
    53493204 Goddess with the Third Eye
    09744376 Good Goblin Housekeeping
    79571449 Graceful Charity
    13944422 Granadora
    82542267 Gravedigger Ghoul
    16762927 Gravekeeper's Servant
    33737664 Graverobber's Retribution
    88089103 Graveyrd In The Fourth Dimension
    32022366 Gravity Axe - Grarl
    85742772 Gravity Bind
    34370473 Gryphon's Feather Duster
    40659526 Guardian Sphinx
    73079365 Gust
    07089711 Hane-Hane
    12206212 Harpie Lady Sisters
    19613556 Heavy Storm
    21840375 Hidden Book of Spell
    10248192 Hieroglyph Lithograph
    96851799 Hinotama Soul
    76184692 Hitotsu-Me Giant
    38552107 Horn of Light
    64047146 Horn of the Unicorn
    67629977 Hoshiningen
    15083728 House of Adhesive Tape
    05600127 Humanoid Worm Drake
    61740673 Imperial Order
    77084837 Inaba the White Rabbit
    94163677 Infinite Cards
    23615409 Insect Barrier
    07019529 Insect Soldiers of the Sky
    83968380 Jar of Greed
    33784505 Jar Robber
    77585513 Jinzo
    32809211 Jinzo #7
    94773007 Jirai Gumo
    41855169 Jowgen the Spiritualist
    30113682 Judge Man
    24068492 Just Desserts
    83986578 King Tiger Wanghu
    04266839 Kiseitai
    60519422 Kishido Spirit
    69456283 Koitsu
    82642348 Kryuel
    88240808 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer
    97590747 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
    99551425 Labyrinth Tank
    90330453 Last Day of Witch
    28566710 Last Turn
    20394040 Lava Battleguard
    00102380 Lava Golem
    61854111 Legendary Sword
    25290459 Level Up!
    55226821 Lightning Blade
    23171610 Limiter Removal
    68658728 Little Chimera
    17985575 Lord of D.
    81777047 Luminous Spark
    46700124 Machine King
    79870141 Mad Sword Beast
    83746708 Mage Power
    77414722 Magic Jammer
    62279055 Magical Cylinder
    64389297 Magical Labyrinth
    31560081 Magician of Faith
    00050755 Magician's Circle
    36045450 Magician's Unite
    93013676 Maha Vailo
    17214465 Maiden of the Aqua
    99597615 Malevolent Nuzzler
    54652250 Man-Eater Bug
    38369349 Manga Ryu-Ran
    57579381 Marie the Fallen One
    82432018 Mask of Brutality
    28933734 Mask of Darkness
    29549364 Mask of Restrict
    57882509 Mask of Weakness
    56948373 Masked of the Accursed
    10189126 Masked Sorcerer
    34906152 Mass Driver
    22046459 Megamorph
    44656491 Messenger of Peace
    09293977 Metal Dragon
    50705071 MetalZoa
    64274292 Meteorain
    07489323 Milus Radiant
    01918087 Minor Goblin Official
    06343408 Miracle Dig
    44095762 Mirror Force
    19384334 Molten Destruction
    93108433 Monster Recovery
    79106360 Morphing Jar
    57839750 Mother Grizzly
    50913601 Mountain
    54098121 Mysterious Puppeteer
    83011277 Mystic Tomato
    15025844 Mystical Elf
    36607978 Mystical Moon
    83464209 Mystical Sheep #2
    05318639 Mystical Space Typhoon
    94230224 Needle Ball
    38411870 Needle Ceiling
    38299233 Needle Wall
    81843628 Needle Worm
    14315573 Negate Attack
    54704216 Nightmare Wheel
    58775978 Nightmare's Steelcage
    22567609 Nimble Momonga
    71044499 Nobleman Of Crossout
    02130625 Numinous Healer
    12953226 Nuvia the Wicked
    52077741 Obnoxious Celtic Guardian
    08251996 Ojama Delta Hurricane!!
    19523799 Ookazi
    42035044 Panther Warrior
    93920745 Penguin Soldier
    26185991 Pinch Hopper
    08842266 Poison of the Old Man
    24094653 Polymerization
    55144522 Pot of Greed
    68304813 Precious Card from Beyond
    70828912 Premature Burial
    51371017 Princess of Tsurugi
    04178474 Raigeki Break
    66719324 Rain of Mercy
    82529174 Ray of Hope
    31785398 Ready For Intercepting
    28121403 Really Eternal Rest
    33066139 Reaper of the Cards
    37576645 Reckless Greed
    38199696 Red Medicine
    74677422 Red-Eyes Black Dragon
    02851070 Reflect Bounder
    32807846 Reinforcement of the Army
    17814387 Reinforcements
    64631466 Relinquished
    22589918 Reload
    51482758 Remove Trap
    05990062 Reversal Quiz
    70903634 Right Arm of the Forbidden One
    08124921 Right Leg of the Forbidden One
    83555666 Ring of Destruction
    20436034 Ring of Magnetism
    45778932 Rising Air Current
    88279736 Robbin' Goblin
    83258273 Robbin' Zombie
    94793422 Rod of the Mind's Eye
    33950246 Royal Command
    51452091 Royal Decree (NON-LIMITED!)
    70046172 Rush Recklessly
    32268901 Salamandra
    96947648 Salvage
    26202165 Sangan
    73915051 Scapegoat
    10352095 Scroll of Bewitchment
    27053506 Secret Barrel
    57585212 Self-Destruct Button
    02792265 Servant of Catabolism
    03819470 Seven Tools of the Bandit
    30778711 Shadow Ghoul
    58621589 Shadow of Eyes
    56830749 Share the Pain
    52097679 Shield & Sword
    86327225 Shinato, King of a Higher Plane
    95956346 Shining Angel
    95638658 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal
    73665146 Silent Magician LV4
    72443568 Silent Magician LV8
    98139712 Skull Invitation
    64306248 Skull-Mark Ladybug
    78636495 Slate Warrior
    97169186 Smashing Ground
    45986603 Snatch Steal
    35346968 Solemn Wishes
    23471572 Solomon's Lawbook
    68073522 Soul Absorption
    77527210 Soul of Purity and Light
    05758500 Soul Release
    76103675 Sparks
    31553716 Spear Dragon
    18807108 Spellbinding Circle
    94772232 Spirit Message A
    31893528 Spirit Message I
    30170981 Spirit Message L
    67287533 Spirit Message N
    21175632 St. Joan
    81385346 Stamping Destruction
    08201910 Star Boy
    03510565 Stealth Bird
    83225447 Stim-Pack
    31812496 Stone Statue of the Aztecs
    31812496 Stone Statue of the Aztecs
    63102017 Stop Defense
    34646691 Stumbling
    70781052 Summoned Skull
    16589042 Swift Gaia The Fierce Knight
    98495314 Sword of Deep-Seated
    61405855 Sword of Dragon's Soul
    72302403 Swords of Revealing Light
    73628505 Terraforming
    00403847 The A. Forces
    71107816 The Bistro Butcher
    41142615 The Cheerful Coffin
    30606547 The Dark Door
    68400115 The Emperor's Holiday
    66362965 The Fiend Megacyber
    43973174 The Flute of Summoning Dragon
    88089103 The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension
    49064413 The Masked Beast
    16430187 The Reliable Guardian
    20436034 The Ring of Magnetism
    99351431 The Secret of the Bandit
    43434803 The Shallow Grave
    99517131 The Spell Absorbing Life
    51275027 The Unhappy Maiden
    95281259 The Warrior Returning Alive
    05703682 Thousand Energy
    33977496 Thousand Needles
    63519819 Thousand-Eyes Restrict
    69196160 Thunder Crash
    31786629 Thunder Dragon
    35316708 Time Seal
    71625222 Time Wizard
    40350910 Timidity
    57182235 Token Thanksgiving
    82003859 Toll
    65458948 Toon Mermaid
    91842653 Toon Summoned Skull
    89997728 Toon Table of Contents
    15259703 Toon World
    71283180 Tornado Bird
    53582587 Torrential Tribute
    75372290 Total Defense Shogun
    04206964 Trap Hole
    19252988 Trap Jammer
    46918794 Tremendous Fire
    12181376 Triangle Ecstasy Spark
    32298781 Triangle Power
    33184167 Tribe-Infecting Virus
    02903036 Tribute Doll
    79759861 Tribute to the Doomed
    21900719 Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce
    54752875 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
    25578802 Two-Man Cell Battle
    80604091 Ultimate Offering
    22431243 Ultra Evolution Pill
    22702055 Umi
    82999629 Umiiruka
    60399954 Union Attack
    56747793 United We Stand
    14731897 Unity
    70368879 Upstart Goblin
    01784619 Uraby
    75347539 Valkyrion The Magna Warrior
    39774685 Vile Germs
    39774685 Vile Germs
    14898066 Vorse Raider
    38992735 Wave Motion Cannon
    87796900 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1
    80741828 Witch's Apprentice
    06979239 Woodland Sprite
    73216412 Worm Drake
    62651957 X-Head Cannon
    02111707 XY-Dragon Cannon
    91998119 XYZ-Dragon Cannon
    91998119 XYZ-Dragon Cannon
    99724761 XZ-Tank Cannon
    65622692 Y-Dragon Head
    59197169 Yami
    03078576 Yata-Garasu
    25119460 YZ-Tank Dragon
    64500000 Z-Metal Tank
    83133491 Zero Gravity
    24311372 Zoa

    Contributed by: Chaet_legend, Dinob0t, blastoise75, halo_combat007, dammahom59, yamiyugi77, dnextreme88, SithlordSideous, Bearie, -bobby190-, axoren_elfwood 

  13. Fun Little Tricks with the Password Machine

    When you get far enough through the game you'll eventually recieve e-mails that talk about a secret passwords, and they tell you them. These passwords DO NOT require 1000 KC to use.

    Effect Effect
    00000375 Credits
    57300000 Sound Gallery

    Contributed by: dammahom59 

  14. Password Machine

    Beat the Expert Cup finals to be able to use this in the KC store.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win in the Expert Cup Finals Password Machine

    Contributed by: englishdude 

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