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Xenoblade Chronicles X Cheats For Wii U

  1. Fully Restore Health Instantly Outside of Battle

    To exploit this bug, just access the Active Members sub-menu of the Party menu, and select "Confirm Changes". Your party's full HP will be immediately restored. This is useful for exploring during damaging weather conditions, or if you want to very slowly cheat your way through lava.

    Contributed by: kurobake 

  2. Unlockable Skell Frames

    After completing Chapter 6, you can finally get your first Skell. A level 20 Urban Skell (the only level 20 Skell in the game) is given to you free of charge, and level 30 Skells can be purchased from the Weapons Terminal in Armory Alley in the Administrative District. However, additional Skells can be purchased with credits, or crafted with materials and Miranium. This is a list explaining how to unlock the rest of them.

    Level up Sakuraba Industries to level 5. Level 50 Skells
    Clear the main story. Level 60 Skells
    Complete H.B.'s final affinity mission, "Climbing the Ladder". US0232 Police (level 30)
    Complete Bozé's final affinity mission, "Bozé's Ignorance". US0830 Dozer (level 30)
    Complete Alexa's final affinity mission, "Rapid Misfire". US0860 Excavator (level 60)

    Contributed by: darkreyeder 

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