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XCOM: Chimera Squad Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 40 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Clear an entire encounter during the Breach turn. …and Clear
    Complete an objective with an action from Terminal’s Cooperation. …Makes the Dream Work
    Launch a mission with no human agents in the squad. A New Look
    Have 8 Agents in the squad in a single campaign. All Hands On Deck
    Kill an enemy with Axiom while Berserk. Anger Management
    Complete a mission with only one Agent left standing. Army of One
    Complete all of one Agent’s class training. Book Smart
    Capture a Sorcerer. Bottled Lightning
    Use Zephyr to hit 3 or more enemies with one use of Crowd Control. Brawler
    Capture a Ronin. Caged Sword
    Use Claymore to detonate a Shrapnel Bomb with another explosive. Chain Reaction
    Complete the Progeny Investigation. Child’s Play
    Use every Agent in at least one mission. Chimera Unleashed
    Complete the tutorial. City on Fire
    Relocate the same unit with Shelter and his ghost in one turn. Daisy Chain
    Use Blueblood to hit 3 or more enemies with one Phase Lance shot. Ducks in a Row
    Complete all versions of each Faction’s Takedown mission over multiple campaigns. Every Timeline
    As Godmother, activate Overtime and down an enemy on both turns. Extra Hours
    Unlock all Field Abilities. Field Commander
    Have Rank 3 Field Teams in all nine districts. Friendly Neighborhood XCOM
    Complete 20 Assembly Projects in a single campaign. Hammer And Tongs
    Win the campaign. Heroes of City 31
    Use every type of Breach point. I’ll Let Myself In
    Win the campaign on Impossible difficulty. Impossible Dream
    Have Kinetic Armor on all 4 squad members at once. Impregnable
    Hack an enemy Android with Patchwork and trigger Self-Destruct. Kill Switch
    Fully upgrade an Android. Machine Learning
    Use Verge to do 10 or more damage with one Mindflay. Mind Nuke
    Move a VIP with Shelter’s Relocate and Torque’s Tongue Pull. Need a Lift
    Complete every Spec Op at least once in a single campaign. No Stone Left Unturned
    Reach max rank with all Agents in a single campaign. Overqualified
    Up Close and Personal Pacifist Route
    Complete the Gray Phoenix Investigation. Phoenix Down
    Replace an Agent mid-mission with an Android. Reinforced Steel
    Complete the Sacred Coil Investigation. Sacred Foiled
    Equip an Epic Weapon. Superior Firepower
    Buy 20 unique Scavenger Market items in a single campaign. Thank You For Your Business
    Capture a Praetorian. Use the Large Cuffs
    Use Torque to Tongue Pull an enemy into poison. Watch your Step

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer