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WWE 2K22 Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Evolution arena/ring

    To unlock the Evolution arena/ring you have to play as the female CAW and be on Smackdown. Then later on if you choose to stay put on Smackdown, you get a DM message from Adam Pearce asking you about accepting matches where Stephanie McMahon is arriving to start an Evolution PPV thing.

    Choose yes to do it

    Contributed by: LooseGoose80 

  2. Locker Code

    These codes are entered in MyFaction by going into MyFaction and selecting the Lock Room Code which looks like a set of lockers to the right of the main menu within MyFaction.

    MONEYINTHEBANK 1 Free Steel Titans pack
    SURVIVOR2K 1 Prime Time Series Pack + 1 Neo Series Pack
    SUMMERPARTY22 2 Signature Series packs
    HELLINACELL 2 x SuperCard Series Pack & 1 Silver Fighting Spirit Sideplate
    22CASTLE 3000 MFP + 2 Superstar Series Packs + 1 Forged Series Pack
    2KEXTREME22 5000 MFP + 1 basic Execution Pack (Limited Time Code)
    NOFLYZONE Drew Gulak Emreald Card
    WWESUPERCARDS8 Series 8 Supercards Collection
    YOUCOMPLETEDGM Triple H Emerald Card

    Contributed by: theimpcaiman 

  3. Gran Gordo and Chicken masks unlocked

    In the Male MyRise on the Raw show, become a heel and accept a DM message from Humberto Carillo to do a Reverse Match challenge to unlock the Gran Gordo and Chicken masks

    win the matches Chicken masks male and female
    Win the matches Gran Gordo masks male and female

    Contributed by: LooseGoose80