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Wild West Online Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 44 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Discover 15 unique locations. ADVENTURER
    Mine 250 Gold Nuggets. ADVENTUROUS MINER
    Use 100 Treasure Maps. ATLAS
    Kill 100 Civilians or Deputies. BLOOD RUNS COLD
    Mine 2,500 Gold Nuggets. BRONZE PICKAXE
    Sell $10,000 worth of gear to the vendor. CAPITALIST
    Kill 5000 Civilians or Deputies. CARNAGE
    Travel on foot or horseback 250 miles. DRIFTER
    Discover 25 unique locations. EXPLORER
    Harvest 200 Gardens. FARMER
    Mine 500 Gold Nuggets. FRONTIER MINER
    Travel on foot or horseback 10,000 miles. GLOBETROTTER
    Discover 100 unique locations. GLOBETROTTER
    Mine 10,000 Gold Nuggets. GOLDEN PICKAXE
    Repair 50 Weapons. HANDYMAN
    Deploy 500 Campsites. HAPPY CAMPER
    Complete 10 Quests. HERO
    Unlock 5 Safehouses. HOME ON THE RANGE
    Kill 100 wild animals at Hunting Grounds. HUNTSMAN
    Consume 100 Magic Dust. INVINCIBLE
    Acquire 50 kills using only explosives. KABOOM
    Own 5 Plantations. LANDLORD
    Kill 100 'Outlaws'. LAWMAN
    Kill 1000 Civilians or Deputies. MANSLAUGHTER
    Consume 100 Alcoholic Beverages. MIGHTY THIRSTY
    Travel on foot or horseback 1,000 miles. NOMAD
    Complete 100 Quests. OPPORTUNIST
    Complete 500 Quests. PIONEER
    Deploy 10 Campsites. PITCH A TENT
    Use Lockpicking to open 500 Chests. PROFESSIONAL
    Mine 100 Gold Nuggets. ROOKIE MINER
    Mine 1,000 Gold Nuggets. SAVY MINER
    Achieve level 50. SEASONED VETERAN
    Kill 1000 'Outlaws'. SENTINEL
    Mine 5,000 Gold Nuggets. SILVER PICKAXE
    Own 1 Plantation. SQUIRE
    Use Lockpicking to open 30 Chests. THIEF
    Upgrade 20 Weapons. TINKER
    Retrieve 100 Meat or Hides from Animal Traps. TRAPPER
    Travel on foot or horseback 500 miles. TRAVELER
    Open 500 Treasure Chests without using a lockpick. TREASURE BROKER
    Open 10 Treasure Chests without using a lockpick. TREASURE HUNTER
    Travel on foot or horseback 100 miles. WANDERER
    Use 10 Treasure Maps. X MARKS THE SPOT

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