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Wii Play: Motion Cheats For Wii

  1. Game Credits

    Hold the B button down while on the title screen for about 5 seconds. Then grab and hold the ball with the B button to rotate it around until you see the words STAFF CREDITS on the back of the ball. Wait a couple seconds and then the credits go by.

    Contributed by: syrilram 

  2. Extra Modes

    There's some extra modes for some of the 12 games, where they have to be unlocked. They mostly involve getting medals.

    If you unlocked something, you'll see "You can now play this game in *insert mode*." after the game is over.

    Get through at least 5 stages in Challenge Mode Endless Mode (Teeter Targets)
    Get 100 points in Solo Mode. Long Jump (Wind Runner)
    Get 500 points (or at least get to the long moles) in Guard Mode. Recall Mode (Veggie Guardin')
    Get at least 100 points or mode in Skip Mode. Score Mode (Skip Skimmer)
    Play Scoop Mode once. Swirl Mode (Cone Zone)
    Clear all 4 stages in Gem Hunt. Time Attack (Jump Park)
    Get through all the stages in Solo Mode Time Attack (Wind Runner)

    Contributed by: GabuboiLivesOn