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  1. Achievements

    Complete the required tasks to unlock each Achievement and Gamerscore.

    Received the “Bobbi’s Obituary” bottle story. Bobbi’s Obituary
    Found the hidden life ring. I Can’t Swim
    Received the “Killing Klumben” bottle story. Killing Klumben
    Found Nifflas’ awesome game “Ynglet.” “Ynglet” by Nifflas
    Found Andreas’ jukebox. Andreas’ Jukebox
    Found Anne Louise’s car called “Marina”. Anne Louise’s car “Marina”
    Found Astrid’s Hotdog recipe. Astrid’s Famous Hotdog Recipe
    Found Dennis’ record. Dennis’ Record
    Found Karina’s sidesparker. Karina’s Sidesparker
    Found the secret puke button. Look, shrimp!
    Listened to Astrid’s brother tell his true story. Meet Astrid’s Brother
    Listened to Astrid’s dad tell his true story. Meet Astrid’s Dad
    Listened to Astrid’s Mum tell her true story. Meet Astrid’s Mum
    Received the “Meet Mister Bo” bottle story. Meet Mister Bo
    Found Mikkel’s Noisecomb flyer. Mikkel’s Noisecomb Flyer
    Found Murray’s poster. Murray’s Poster
    Discovered the source of Elk’s stories. Open The Door
    Received the “Out of Beer, Out of Here” bottle story. Out of Beer, Out of Here
    Received the “She is Someone” bottle story. She Is Someone
    Found Simon’s note. Simon’s Note
    Received the “Sue, George and The Bikers” bottle story. Sue, George and The Bikers
    Received “The Frozen Man” bottle story. The Frozen Man
    Found the photo of Hotdog. What a Good Dog
    Received the “When a Musox Walks On” bottle story. When a Musox Walks On
    Received the “When Anders Died” bottle story. When Anders Died

    Contributed by: Similac