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We Love Golf! Cheats For Wii

  1. Unlock Hidden Characters

    To unlock the secret characters you must successfully beat that character in a character match in 1 player mode!

    Contributed by: Mrpenguin454 

  2. Miis In 1 Player Mode

    To play as your Miis in 1 Player mode you must unlock every character!

    Contributed by: Mrpenguin454 

  3. Capcom Cosplay Outfits

    Complete the below conditions to unlock the respective cosplay outfits.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Win all Gold Trophies on Tournament mode. Apollo (For Jack)
    Complete all Ring Shot challenges on all 8 courses. Arthur (For Carlos)
    Complete Target Golf - Second Shot on all 3 difficulties. Chun Li (For Lisa)
    Win all Gold Trophies on Mirror Tournament mode. Guile (For Brian)
    Complete Target Golf - Putting on all 3 difficulties. Jill (For Yuki)
    Win 1 Friend Play match. Ken (For Mark)
    Win 1 World Play match. Morrigan (For Stephanie)
    Complete Target Golf - Tee Shot on all 3 difficulties. Pearl Fey (For Annie)
    Win all Gold Trophies on Pro Tournament mode. Rose (For Marissa)
    Complete Target Golf - Approach Shots on all 3 difficulties. Ryu (For Tony)
    Complete all the Wii-Remote tutorials after clicking on it during a Tournament/Strokes session. Sakura (For Meg)
    Hit every green in Near Pin Contest on all 3 courses. Zack (For Leo)

    Contributed by: King_Z