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WCW World Championship Wrestling Cheats For NES

  1. Lex Luger Passwords

    Effect Effect
    15H7 1B0Z DZNY 20 Fights Won
    DXH5 NBD5 R9DK 3 Fights Won
    LXHT YB67 N9DM 6 Fights Won

    Contributed by: unodos12345 

  2. Sting Passwords

    Effect Effect
    BXDR NBQ5 19DQ 3 Fights Won
    -XDY YBZH Y9DK 6 Fights Won
    QXD- 0B0D L9DQ 9 Fights Won

    Contributed by: unodos12345 

  3. Championship Bout as Animal

    Effect Effect
    H5YT1YQ7OHNZ Championship Bout as Animal

    Contributed by: J.Lau 

  4. Passwords

    Effect Effect
    DXJ1 NBW9 R9D5 Eddie Gilbert (3 wins)
    BXJL YBTH R9DK Eddie Gilbert (6 wins)
    DXRZ NBY5 R9D5 Kevin Sullivan (3 wins)
    BXRT YB6H R9D2 Kevin Sullivan (6 wins)
    BX0J YBDH R9DW Michael Hayes (6 wins)
    JX0G 0BGD R9DV Michael Hayes (9 wins)
    DXT9 NB15 R9DW Mike Rotunda (3 wins)
    BXTH YB/7 R9DV Mike Rotunda (6 wins)
    DX7X NBT5 R9DV Rick Flair (3 wins)
    BX7Z YBO7 R9D1 Rick Flair (6 wins)
    DXNH NB-9 R9D1 Rick Steiner (3 wins)
    BXND YB4H R9D5 Rick Steiner (6 wins)
    DX1T NBV5 R9DL Ricky Steamboat (3 wins)
    YX11 YB37 R9DD Ricky Steamboat (6 wins)
    -XY- GBG1 R9DQ Road Warrior Animal (11 wins)
    DXYD NBK5 R9D6 Road Warrior Animal (3 wins)
    BXYB YB57 R9DY Road Warrior Animal (6 wins)
    DXBR NBQ5 R9DG Road Warrior Hawk (3 wins)
    BXB1 YB37 R9DD Road Warrior Hawk (6 wins)
    DXLN NBM5 R9D4 Steve Williams (3 wins)
    BXLY YB7H R9DV Steve Williams (6 wins)

    Contributed by: terrisus 

  5. Championship Passwords

    Enter the following at the password screen on Single 5 Minute Round...

    Effect Effect
    N5JY 1B95 RZDB Start on Championship as Eddie Gilbert (20-0-0)
    N5RH 1BG5 RZDY Start on Championship as Kevin Sullivan (20-0-0)
    N5HZ 1BL5 RZD7 Start on Championship as Lex Luger (20-0-0)
    N50L 1B75 RZD0 Start on Championship as Michael Hayes (20-0-0)
    N5T7 1B05 RZDD Start on Championship as Mike Rotunda (20-0-0)
    N5Y1 1BP5 RZD9 Start on Championship as R.W.Animal (20-0-0)
    N5BN 1B45 RZD8 Start on Championship as R.W.Hawk (20-0-0)
    N579 1BB5 RZD3 Start on Championship as Ric Flair (20-0-0)
    N5NR 1B65 RZDQ Start on Championship as Ric Steiner (20-0-0)
    N51D 1B25 RZDM Start on Championship as Ricky Steamboat (20-0-0)
    N5LB 1B35 RZDT Start on Championship as Steve Williams (20-0-0)
    N5DT 1B/5 RZD- Start on Championship as Sting (20-0-0)
    N5-J 1BT5 RZD/ Start on Championship as WCW Master (20-0-0)

    Contributed by: Aether Knight 

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