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WarioWare: Touched! Cheats For DS

  1. Mona Pizza PV, Mona Pizza's Promotional Video (JP Version)

    To obtain this bonus, you'll need (1) Sawaru Made in Wario DS game and (2) Mawaru Made in Wario GBA game.

    Insert Mawaru into the GBA cartridge slot of the DS and Sawaru into the DS game slot.

    Turn on the DS and start Sawaru. After pressing the Start button in the game, a new bonus item will appear and you can click on it to watch Mona Pizza's promotional video.

    The video uses 2 screens with cut-scene animations of similiar quality to the other cutscnes in the game and the voice of the TV girl singer in the Mawaru game will can be heard singing Mona Pizza's theme song and lyrics to the song is displayed.

    Contributed by: Frigid 

  2. Unlockable Character Minigames.

    Note: These are are minigames, not microgames.
    To unlock the character minigames you must score 30 or more points for each character to unlock there minigame. To receive the minigame, touch Orbulan's UFO to make it pop out.

    Contributed by: bengalsarecoo1 

  3. Random stuff with Wario Man's credits

    During the character credits in Wario Man's end movie, you can touch the text and make it to random stuff like explode, fly into space and bounce towards you.

    When the text disappears you can just scroll down then back up with the crank and it'll reappear.

    Contributed by: mtpfreak 

  4. Golden crowns for a character.

    When you choose a microgame and read the description on top, it will tell you how many points you need to pass it, if you pass a game a red rose will appear on the top right corner. If you pass all microgames for a character, that character will have a gold crown on its head.

    Contributed by: Megaman313 

  5. Gnarly Mix

    Score at least 15 points in Hardcore Mix

    Contributed by: Meteorites 

  6. Silver Crowns

    You get silver crowns on top of thier heads by unlocking every microgame for that character.

    Contributed by: LPSoldier92 

  7. Pyoro T

    Get a silver crown for every character including Wario-man to unlock Pyoro T

    Contributed by: Meteorites 

  8. Mario Paint Remix

    If you listen to the Mario Paint song in the Turntable souvenier, it'll turn into a remix. eventually.

    Contributed by: Monkey Masher 

  9. Removing More Clothes in ''Hot Flash''

    In Wario-Man's "Hot Flash" level, once you take enough clothing off of Wario to pass, you can drag his boxers off, too. Wario will give you an embarrassed expression once you do this.

    Contributed by: sleepyfox 

  10. Blow out the birthday candles

    In the microgame "Don't Blow it", after lighting all the birthday candles, blowing into the microphone will blow them out.

    Contributed by: the zelda master 

  11. Title screen stuff

    You can do a few things with the title screen.

    Bignose: Throwing garlic at a small nose fast will make it big. Make it sneeze by putting something in both its nostrils.

    Small noses: This happens randomly.

    Contributed by: The_DS_Master 

  12. Rainbow Star

    At the title screen, if you wait long enough a star with float out from somewhere. You can touch the star with the stylus and drag it, making a little rainbow sketch.

    Contributed by: Ebest 

  13. Roses in the Toy Room

    When you get all the toys (excluding the Mona PV) check your toy room. There will be roses next to the words toy room 1 and toy room 2 like this:
    * Toy Room 1 *
    If you don't see any roses, there are still more toys to unlock.

    Contributed by: dswizard 

  14. Rocket-feet

    To make the clown in Mona's minigame "Chop!" lift off like a rocket make his head land not only on top of his feet but exactly in the centre on top of them.

    Contributed by: KeeperBvK 

  15. Mona Pizza Video

    Insert a Wario ware Touched game card in the DS slot and a Wario Ware Twisted cartdridge in the GameBoy Advance slot.Turn on the DS and play Wario Ware Touched.There, the Mona Pizza video will appear.

    Contributed by: Mr_Pixie 

  16. Get Extra Souvenirs

    When you beat a Micro-set (such as Wario,Mona,Mic) play it again and get at least 30 points to get an extra Souvenir added to your piggy bank

    Contributed by: blast213 

  17. Characters

    Here's how to unlock each of the characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat james T's microgames 9 volts
    beat Jamie T's microgames Ashley
    Beat jamie T's microgames Dr. Crygor
    beat Dr. crygor Ashley Kat and ana's microgames James T
    beat jimmy T's microgames Jamie T
    beat wario's microgames Jimmy T
    Beat jamie T.'s microgames Kat and Ana
    Beat James T's microgames Mike
    beat wario's micro games Mona
    already there Wario
    Beat mike and 9 volt's microgames Warioman(First time he'll transform by himself)

    Contributed by: Meteorites 

  18. Unlock More minigames

    To unlock more minigames you have to beat the highscores on each of the mini-games that have high-scores

    Unlockable Unlockable
    100 yards Air dude
    80 meters Big hurl
    40 points Juggle boy
    1000 miles Orbit Ball
    3000 points Pyoro T
    15 points Snore rope

    Contributed by: Meteorites 

  19. Hardcore mix

    After unlocking Monster Megamix (pink teddy bear), get 25 points or more on it. After that, a white teddy bear will come out of the taxi cab.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    get 25 or more points on Monster Megamix Hardcore Mix

    Contributed by: Yoshifan24 

  20. Monster Megamix

    After you beat Wario Man and watch the credits, a teddy bear thing will come out of a taxi. Touch it, and you can play Monster Megamix.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Wario Man Monster Megamix

    Contributed by: Yoshifan24 

  21. Whistle Minigame

    In the album screen, get high scores on all of the games (get the roses next to the game).

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get Gold Crown with all Characters Whistle Minigame

    Contributed by: Shatman1 

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