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Voodoo Vince: Remastered Cheats For Xbox One

  1. Achievements

    Play a trumpet with Bones in The Square. All That Jazz
    Collect all Voodoo Powers. Arsenal of Ouch
    Destroy 13 monsters with a single Voodoo Power attack. Baker's Dozen
    First monster destroyed. Beads For Deeds
    Win Zombie Guidance Counselor. Career Potential
    Collect all Power Skulls. Cranial Completionist
    Shoot Vince through the hole in the wall. Dead Eye
    Beat 100 enemies using the spin attack. Dizzy Destruction
    Activate all generators at Kosmo's carnival. Electrical Contractor
    Open the large crypt in Downtown Crypt City. Faster Than Lights
    Beat Zombie Guidance Counselor without using Voodoo Powers. Flail-o-rama
    Collect first Power Skull. Good Catch
    Defeat Dolly and her poodle minions. Goodbye Dolly!
    Blow up Reggie & Primo. Great Dolls of Fire
    Defeat Evil Vince. He Was So Handsome
    Kill monsters with a head slam from above 50 feet. Head Games
    Collect 100 Dust Bags. It's Got What Dolls Crave
    Vince falls into water. Less Than Seaworthy
    Beat the Sausage Factory. Locally Sourced
    Destroy the piggy bank. Makin' Bacon
    Win Rat Race Rodeo. Nice Ridin' Partner!
    Defeat Janice in the Central Arena. One Head Is Better Than Two
    Collect all Skull Pages. Pages for the Ages
    Get all parts for Professor Ethel's balloon. Persistent Little Fella
    Visit all shops in The Square. Power Shopper
    Take Vince on a trolley ride. Public Transit
    Hover for longer than 10 seconds. Soft Landing
    Collect all gumbo ingredients for Jimmy. Sous Chef
    Beat Jimmy's Fanboat Race. Swamp Captain
    Use the Swing Pin for the first time. Swing Time
    Defeat a Bubbagator without using a Voodoo Power. The Old Fashioned Way
    Complete all of Dolly's quests. This House Is Clean
    Collect all Dust Bags. Tidying Up The Place
    Play the trumpet badly for the jazz man in The Square. Tin Ear
    Kill 1000 enemies with Voodoo Powers. Vince: Destroyer of Worlds
    Fall into a bottomless pit. Watch That First Step
    Defeat The Bone Goliath. Way Too Bossy
    Use a Voodoo Power. Who Do? You Do.
    Beat the Kosmobot and win the game! Wrecking Crew
    Use All-Seeing Eye to see stuff. X-Ray Specs
    Defeat Hurricane Hanna. Zombie Dust In The Wind

    Contributed by: ironyisntdead