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void tRrLM(); //Void Terrarium Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Gazed upon the moon with the girl. void BeWithYou()
    Discovered Overgrowth disease. void BoyMeetsGirl()
    Reached level 10. void CheckLevel(10)
    Reached level 30. void CheckLevel(30)
    Reached level 50. void CheckLevel(50)
    Completed the terrarium exterior. void Completion()
    Created 10 types of decor. void CreateFurniture(10)
    Created 20 types of decor. void CreateFurniture(20)
    Created 30 types of decor. void CreateFurniture(30)
    Cured Overgrowth disease. void Cure()
    Fed the girl 5 types of food. void EatTheBug(5)
    Fed the girl every type of food. void EatTheBug(all)
    Defeated the source of the contamination. void EnemyHunter(1,***)
    Defeated a contaminated enemy. void EnemyHunter(1,rad)
    Defeated 10 enemies. void EnemyHunter(10)
    Defeated 100 enemies. void EnemyHunter(100)
    Defeated 1,000 enemies. void EnemyHunter(1000)
    Allowed the girl to contract 3 illnesses. void GetSick(3)
    Allowed the girl to contract 6 illnesses. void GetSick(6)
    Activated the robot. void HelloWorld!()
    Defeated every type of enemy. void KillThemAll()
    Defeated yourself by running out of energy. void OutOfGas()
    Gifted the girl a toy. void PresentForYou()
    Played with the girl 10 times via Pet Nanny. void PushStartButton(10)
    Acquired 10 skills. void SkillCollector(10)
    Acquired 50 skills. void SkillCollector(50)
    Used 10 active skills. void SkillUser(10)
    Used 100 active skills. void SkillUser(100)
    Used 500 active skills. void SkillUser(500)
    Cleared the game. void TheEnd()
    Obtained all trophies. void tRrLM();
    Woke up the girl. void WakeUp()

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold