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Victorious Boxers 2: Fighting Spirit Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Special Passwords

    Earned by winning matches in story mode. Input the passwords at the options screen, under the "password" heading.

    Effect Effect
    NEL SAZ UMA Adds several extra characters to the exhibition mode
    DAT EVS RMZ Unlocks Date vs. Ramirez match to story mode (extra chapter)
    DAM ATA MAQ Unlocks extra stages
    MRS AND MAN Unlocks Kamogawa, Nekota and Hama (old versions) to exhibition mode
    ALL *ST ARS Unlocks Lunsaku Paudy, Junichi Hotta and Hiroshi Yamanaka
    ASA CT3 CLR Unlocks Takamura vs. Yajima match to story mode
    BRC MAN EXH Unlocks the secret character, Broccoman to the exhibition mode

    Contributed by: hfolkner 

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