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Umurangi Generation Cheats For PC

  1. Unlockable Equipment

    Umurangi Generation includes a variety of unlockable equipment to enhance your photography adventure. This gear includes new camera lenses, additional correction options for the develop menu, and other equipment for both your camera and you.

    Every level in the game has at least 2 pieces of equipment that can be unlocked. The first is obtained by simply finishing the main photo bounties and delivery. The second requires completing all bonus objectives before making the delivery.

    Hangar 100% complete Aperture Hack
    Walled City 100% complete Auto Focus Hack
    Karangahake delivery completed Bloom
    Underground City 100% complete Box Lens
    Access restricted area of Hangar Cartridge Lens
    Invasion delivery completed Chromatic Aberration
    The Strand delivery completed Contrast
    Otumoetai 100% complete Dirty Lens
    Contact 100% complete Fire Selector Mod
    Contact delivery completed Fish Eye Lens
    Mauao View 100% complete Flash Box
    Invasion 100% complete Hover Boots
    Subway delivery completed Hue Shift
    Gamers Palace 100% complete ISO Hack
    Subway 100% complete Macro Lens
    Otumoetai delivery completed Saturation
    The Depths delivery completed Scrape Pads
    Underground City delivery completed Selfie Lens
    The Depths 100% complete Shutter Speed Hack
    The Strand 100% complete Sports Lens
    Hangar delivery completed Spray Paint
    Mauao View delivery completed Telephoto Lens
    Gamers Palace delivery completed Turbo Skates
    Karangahake 100% complete Ultra Wide Angle Lens
    Walled City delivery completed Wide Angle Lens

    Contributed by: redmars