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Twisted Metal 4 Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Unlock Boss Vehicles

    Beat the tournament once.

    Contributed by: KlobberTheKlown 

  2. Password Screen Cheats

    Enter the following codes at the Password Screen.

    Effect Effect
    Circle, Up, Down, Up, Up Allow Deathmatch with 0 enemy
    L1, Left, Right, O, Right CPU Ignores Health Pick-Ups
    Right, Triangle, Right, Triangle, L1 CPU Only Attacks Player Mode
    Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up Faster Health Regeneration
    Down, Left, L1, Left, Right God Mode
    Down, Start, R1, Up Start Have all weapons (99)
    Circle, Left, Triangle, R1, Circle Have Freeze (99)
    Start, Right, R1, L1, R1 Have Massive (99)
    Down, Triangle, Down, L1, R1 Low Traction
    Start, Right, R1, L1, R1 Massive Attack as a 2nd special
    Up, Start, CIrcle, R1, Left More Powerful Specials
    Triangle, Down, Triangle, Circle, Triangle No Health During Deathmatch
    Down, R1, Down, Start, Circle No Health During Tournament
    O, Start, Left, L1, Start No Pick-Ups
    Down, Down, Right, Right, Down One CPU ally and you Vs. Two human opponents (3 players)
    R1, Right, Left, R1, Up Only Pick Up Homing Missiles
    Right, Left, R1, Right, Circle Only Pick Up Napalms
    Down, Down, Circle, L1, Left Only Pick Up Power Missiles
    Up, Right, Down, L1, Triangle Only Pick Up Remote Bombs
    Circle, Left, Down, R1, L1 Start on Carnival and Unlock Secret Deathmatch levels
    Triangle, L1, Down, Triangle, Up Unlimited Specials
    Up, Right, Down, Up, L1 Unlock Super Axel
    Up, Right, Down, Up, L1 Unlock Super Axel
    R1, L1, Down, Start, Down Weapons shoot faster

    Contributed by: icevenant, QVo, Mike Truitt, KasketDarkfyre, colekrout6399, Here To Stay, X666 Pack, ATadeo 

  3. In-Game Cheat Codes

    Enter in these codes quickly while playing the game.

    Effect Effect
    Left, Right, Up, Up Freeze Beams
    Up, Up, Down, Down Hyperspace
    L1, R1, Up, Square, Circle Infinite Ammo
    Down, Down, Up, Up Invisibility
    Up, Up, Left Jump
    Up, Down, Up, Down, Up Massive Attack
    Start, Right, R1, L1, R1 Massive Attack as a 2nd special
    Left, Right, Down, Down Rear Freeze
    Up, Down, Up, Down, Down Rear Massive Attack
    Right, Left, Down, Down Rear Normal Attack
    Up, Up, Right Shield

    Contributed by: CDBavg400, hamoody24, BIGEVIL45 

  4. Unlock Secret Deathmatch Levels

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game once with any character. Secret Deathmatch Levels and All Bosses

    Contributed by: Warhawk 

  5. Unlocking Codes

    Enter the following codes in the Password Screen to unlock levels or vehicles.

    Effect Effect
    O, L1, Start, L1, Start Unlock Amazonia 3000 B.C.
    L1, Right, Left, Left, L1 Unlock Bedroom
    Down, R1, Right, R1, L1 Unlock Crusher
    Triangle, L1, L1, Left, Up Unlock Minion
    Start, R1, Left, R1, R1 Unlock Minion's Maze
    Start, Triangle, Right, L1, Start Unlock Moon Buggy
    Left, Triangle, Right, Right, Left Unlock Neon City
    Start, Left, Up, Start, O Unlock Oil Rig
    Up, Down, Left, Start, Right Unlock R.C. Car
    Start, Start, Down, O, L1 Unlock Road Rage
    Left, Circle, Triangle, Right, Down Unlock Super Auger
    Right, L1, Start, Circle, Start Unlock Super Slamm
    O, Triangle, Start, O, Left Unlock super Thumper
    Start, R1, Right, Right, Left Unlock Sweet Tooth
    O, Left, Down, R1, L1 Unlock The Carnival

    Contributed by: QVo, Mike Truitt, Stencil, obiwankenobi15 

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