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Tumble VR Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Find a Hidden block
    Obtain all Gold medals Certified Test Subject
    Knock 100 blocks off your opponents tower Controlled Demolition
    Complete a Limbo level without ever touching the Limbo Bar Do the Limbo
    Find all Hidden blocks Eagle Eyes
    Build a 1.5M tower Getting Taller
    Total build height of 100M Giant Red Wood
    Earn 25 Gold Medals Gold Dust
    Total build height of 50M Having a Giraffe
    Obtain all Sequence medals Intelligence Confirmed
    Connect 10 Bridge platforms throughout the game Making a Connection
    Score 4000 points on a a Limpet Mine Challenge Master Blaster
    Obtain all Math medals Mathematician
    Blow a block out of the arena in a Limpet Mine Challenge Out of the Park
    Get all trophies Platinum
    Complete the jigsaw hidden block puzzle challenge Puzzled
    Complete an Earthquake level without any block falling off the Platform Rumbled
    Use your head to knock down a tower Safety Liability
    Earn at least one medal on every level Sentient's Little Helper
    Obtain all Target medals Target Achieved
    Play all Versus Mode levels Tough Love
    Fit 20 blocks on a platform in a Use Em All Challenge Tucked In Tight

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999