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Tomodachi Life Cheats For 3DS

  1. Skip Mii Texts

    Hit the A Button or Down on D-Pad to skip texts while Miis are talking. This can be very useful if you want to skip any boring talking while viewing or interacting with any Islanders, but that's all it does is skip Mii Texts.
    This can also trigger a glitch where Miis will talk but their mouths do not move or animate to show them speaking. The glitch itself does nothing but make Miis talk with their mouths closed for an entire text box.

    Contributed by: Decimator 

  2. Sneaky Nintendo

    Play "Quirky Questions" at the Observation Tower. When you have the chance to fill in the blank to the question "Who loves ____?", enter "Sony" or "Microsoft". No one will raise their hands, because Sony and Microsoft are Nintendo's competitors.

    Contributed by: Teala24k 

  3. Draw on Mii Faces

    Wait for your target Mii to go to sleep. Then enter their room, and tap on their face with the touch screen. This will open a top down view of their face, with options to adjust marker color and size, as well as an option to wipe their face clean. Move the stylus along the screen like any drawing tool on paper, and see your “art” come to life!

    Contributed by: HacksToYou 

  4. Get Miis To Stay Awake

    To wake up a sleeping mii go to edit their personality and once your done they should be up and raring to go!

    Warning: Some miis you wake up will either stay awake or go back to sleep.

    Contributed by: NIGHTWOMEN 

  5. Unlockable Locations

    By completing certain tasks, you can unlock additional areas around the island.

    Have an islander confess his or her love. Amusement Park
    Have an islander confess his or her love. Cafe
    Send a traveler from your island, or have a traveler visit and camp on your island. Campground
    Have more than 1 male and 1 female islander, and solve 5 problems. Clothing Store
    Have 2 male and 2 female islanders, and solve 30 problems. Compatibility Tester
    Give a song to an islander who has leveled up. Concert Hall
    Have a mii talk about helping the community. Fountain
    Have 2 male and 2 female islanders, and solve 10 problems Hat Shop
    Communicate via StreetPass or receive an import item via SpotPass. Import Wear Shop
    Save over $200. Interiors Shop
    Create a mii in Tomodachi life. Mii apartments
    Celebrate an islander wedding. Mii Homes
    Take a photo of a Mii’s apartment using X or Y. Nintendo 3DS Image Share
    Get a gift to an islander who has leveled up. Observation Tower
    Have an islander confess his or her love. Park
    Get 5 different treasures. Pawn Shop
    Have 10 or more islanders, and solve 50 problems. Photo Studio
    Activate StreetPass. Port
    Have 5 or more islanders and solve 15 problems. Rankings Board

    Contributed by: discoinferno84, BMW2001 

  6. Children and Family Portraits

    After a couple has married and produced a child, you'll unlock an option to take children's and family portraits in the Photo Studio.

    Have a couple marry and produce a child. Children and Family Portraits

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  7. Child Albums & Credits

    Every Child needs a Album! So when they grow up, the Parents give their child's album to you.

    View the Family Album. Credits
    Have a Child grow up to travel the world, or let them live on the island. Family Album

    Contributed by: WhenDragonsFli 

  8. Access To Extra Clothing And Hats

    After an individual Mii has reached level 20, you'll unlock the option to give them any hats or clothing already in your collection. This is feature is available only for awarding Miis when leveling up.

    Have a Mii reach level 20. Extra Clothes
    Have a Mii reach level 20. Extra Hats

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

  9. Group Performances

    When you first unlock the Concert Hall, you'll only be able to do Solo Performances. To create Group Performances, two or more Miis have to learn the same song style.

    Have 2 Miis learn the same song style. Group Performances

    Contributed by: discoinferno84 

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