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Tomodachi Collection Cheats For DS

  1. Buildings

    A list of the unblockable buildings and when they unlock.

    Have 2 boys and 2 girls. Also, you need to solve 5 troubles Apparel Shop
    A Mii has a trouble, and he/she tells you about it Blessing Fountain
    After the tutorial City Hall
    Have 2 boys, have 2 girls and solve 30 troubles Compatibility Tester
    Tutorial Food Mart
    Collect 20,000 yen* Interior Shop
    Like the Apparel Shop, but 15 problems instead of 5 Job Diagnosis
    Tutorial Mii Apartments
    Have 3 boys and 3 girls at least, with a total of 7 residents. Mii News
    It will open after you receive your 5th asset Pawn Shop
    Have 4 residents and solve 60 troubles Question Hall
    Have 5 residents and solve 10 problems. Ranking Board

    Contributed by: jorptt