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Threes! Cheats For Xbox One

  1. Achievements

    Create a 384 card. Capt. Triad
    Play Threes! in Snap Mode! Oh Snap!
    Can you do it with sixes? Sixlock
    Create a 1536 card. Terrence
    Create a 192 card. Threejay
    End a game with eight 3s on the board. Threelock
    Create a 6 card. Thumbert
    Create a 48 card. Torbus
    Create a 96 card. Traven
    Create a 12 card. Treycee
    Create a 768 card. Triferatu
    Create a 3 card. Trin
    Create a 24 card. Tristine
    You are Duchess of the Twelves! Twelvelock
    Create a 6144 card. Volleo
    Create a 3072 card. Whalend

    Contributed by: Guard Master