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Thief of Thieves: Season One Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 53 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Got rid of a nosy pest. ...And Off She Goes
    Erased the evidence of discressions past. ...Now You Don't
    Paid attention to relevant details. Attention to Detail
    Investigated the food industry. Bon Appetit
    Peered into the past. Bromance
    Walked in someone else's overalls. Chlorine Jockey
    Performed a clean heist. Clean Getaway
    Took in the scenery. Closer Look
    Data theft, the analog way. Coming in Hot!
    Made an employee go above and beyond. Customer Service
    Let a teammate do their thing. Delegate
    Went to party like it's the 80's. Drinks by the Pool
    That escalated quickly. Dropped the Ball
    Found an alternative to lockpicking. Easy Access
    Caught some air. Extreme Sports
    Took out the trash. Flotsam
    I knew it, can't trust a druggie. Good Riddance
    Confronted a mean drunk. Hands off me!
    Made a nerd happy. Happy Chappy
    Played a trump card. Hard Evidence
    Did a little side-job. Her Mentor's Voice
    Found out where to keep it cool. Hot, Hot, Hot, Cold
    Who needs experts when they have you? I've Got This
    Suffered a loss. In Memoriam
    Revealed a phony. It's on Now!
    Took the direct approach. Just Be Yourself
    No time for disguises. Just passing through!
    Impressed a sceptic. La De Dah
    Is this what they call dumpster diving? Leap of Faith
    You weren't showing off, you're just that good. Lifelong Learning
    You took matters into your own hands. Multitalent
    Took out a cog from Pavoni's plan. Nerd Locker
    Gave some life saving advice. Not made for this
    Got approval from a tough crowd. Not Totally Hopeless
    Scoped out the surveillance. Now You See Me...
    Ran into a complication. Party Pooper
    Followed your mentor's lead. Plan B
    Took an unexpected dip. Pool Party
    Caged a beast. Psycho Containment
    Didn't listen to a pro. Safety regulations
    Refrained from base thuggery. Sans armes, ni haine, ni violence.
    Broke on through to the other side. Smashing!
    Caught a chronic case of foot-in-mouth disease. Social Awareness
    Went straight on up. Straight Up
    Trusted yourself. Team of One
    Talked your way through it. The Big Bluff
    Found the controls. The Off Switch
    Were too witty for your own good. Underestimated Her
    Diversified your options. Upgraded Access
    Took the direct approach. Waltzing In
    Time to change the scenery! What's Next?
    Played in the snow. Wroom!
    Did the good old bump'n'grab. Yoink!

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer