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The Wonderful 101 Cheats For Wii U

  1. Hard mode

    Complete the game under normal difficulty to unlock Hard mode. You will also unlock the gallery and character bios.

    Contributed by: CerberusAzdin 

  2. Wonderful Ones' Eyes

    During a cutscene, holding down ZR will allow you to see through the Wonderful Ones' masks and see their eyes.

    Contributed by: murtaza64 

  3. Unlock Secret Characters

    To unlock these characters you must have completed the game (any difficulty) and you must have enough O-parts (1000000 per set for the first four sets, or 2000000 for the Bayonetta set). Then, enter a cheat code at very specific areas of the game.

    To unlock, go to a designated location and enter this cheat code: Hold down ZR and press up, down, up, right, left, X, B, Y, A. The money will be deducted from your total and the characters will be unlocked. To keep the characters, you must continue playing the level until the game saves (indicated by the word "Saving" in the lower left corner of the screen). You can then exit the level.

    Location: Starting position of the Prologue Centinals Set: Wonder-Captain, Wonder-Scarf, Wonder-Gramps
    Location: During the Epilogue, right after the first car is cut off Real Superheroes Set: Wonder-Goggles, Poseman, Wonder-Director
    Location: Operation 009-B, starting position of the battle with the shield-generating device Rivals Set: Prince Vorkken, Chewgi, Immorta
    Operation 006-B, during the battle with Laambo, to the west by bowl of noodle soup The Olden Days Set: Wonder-Daddy, Wonder-Future, Wonder-Red (Emeritus)
    Go to the start of Operation 001 (outside the school) Unlocks Bayonetta, Jeanne & Rodin

    Contributed by: Hambodias, M4s3 

The Wonderful 101: Remastered Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 5 Silver, and 42 Bronze trophies in the game.

    Complete all stages on 101% Hard. 101% Wonderful Hero
    Get 50 members on the team. A Hundred Eyes See All
    Unlock a Custom Block slot. A Slot to be Proud Of
    Extend the Liner a total of at least 100 kilometers. Around the World
    Obtain three skills. Aspiring Technician
    Collect 1000 Wonderful Batteries. Battery Binge!
    Obtain the Unite Big ability. Battle-Hardened Band of Heroes
    Counter 30 enemy attacks. Counter Master
    Obtain all the Custom Blocks. Custom Blocker
    Obtain all the Wonderful Files and GEATHJERK Files Database Ace
    Obtain all the Hero HEart pieces. Eat Your Heart Out!
    Increase your vital Gauge to the max. En-gauged!
    Obtain half of the total Wonderful Figures. Figure Hunter
    Obtain half of the hidden underground items. Full-Fledged Stomper
    Increase your Unite Gauge to the max. Fully Charged!
    Execute at least 50 throws. Heave Ho!
    Complete all stages on Normal. Hero in Training
    Defeat the Vaaiki. Itty-Bitty Invader
    Repel 10 attacks using Unite Guts. Ka-boing!
    Raise the level of a member to MAX. Likeable Hero
    Complete the Prologue. Meet the Wonderful 100!
    Obtain every type of weapon dropped by an enemy. Mind if I Borrow That?
    Mix 30 times. Mixing Apprentice
    Obtain all special Unite Morphs. Morphing Maniac
    Earn an evade bonus at least 10 times. Nice Try!
    Collect 10,000,000p in O-Parts. O-Parts Passion!
    Complete all the secret missions. Operation Annihilation
    Obtain All Trophies. Platinum Forever!
    Earn a Platinum or higher in all Operation Results screens. Platinum Paragon
    Earn 10 Platinums on the Mission Result Screen. (Must be earned in unique battles.) Platinum!
    Deflect 10 beams using the Unite Sword Return to Sender
    Wreck 3,000 things. Rogue Hero
    Earn an average of at least Silver across all Operation Results screens. Silver Savior
    Defeat Jergingha. The Brains of the Abominable Bunch
    Defeat Gimme. The Cold and Callous Commander
    Defeat Vijounne. The Evil, Eldritch Fourth
    Defeat Wanna. The Insidious, Immoral Fifth
    Defeat Vorkken. The Little Prince
    Defeat Walltha. The Spiteful, Savage Third
    Defeat Laambo The Vile and Vicious Sixth
    Rally together 100 standing members. The Whole Wonderful 100
    Rescue 1,000 civilians. There's a Little Justice in All of Us
    Complete every Operation. They are... The Wonderful 101!
    Use the Wonder-Liner to activate Unite Morphs 100 times. Transcendent Teamwork
    Plunder half of the toilet treasures. Treasure Hunter
    Recruit an enemy. Turn That Evil Frown Upside Down
    Defeat the Ohdarko. Undersea Assassin
    Land three types of Unite Morph attacks in a single combo. Uniting Black Belt
    Successfully execute Ukemi 100 times. Wonder-Jiujitsu
    Complete all stages on Hard. Wonderful Hero
    Defeath the Gah-Goojin. You Sunk My Giant!

    Contributed by: CursedSeishi 

  2. Unlock Bayonetta characters

    As of version 1.03, players can input Wonderful Codes to unlock secret characters.

    UMBRANGIFT Unlock Wonder-Bayonetta as a playable character
    ANGELSLAYERS Unlock Wonder-Jeanne and Wonder-Rodin as playable characters

    Contributed by: JusticeLeaguer8 

  3. Unlock additional characters.

    Select Wonderful Code and input the following for the rest of the bonus characters.

    READYAIMFIRE Unlocks Poseman as a playable character.
    GUYZOCHFAMILY Unlocks Prince Vorkken, Chewgi and Immorta as playable characters.
    ORIGINALHEROES Unlocks Wonder Red (Emeritus), Wonder-Future and Wonder-Daddy as playable characters.
    TEAMUNITEUP Unlocks Wonder-Captain, Wonder-Scarf and Wonder-Gramps as playable characters.
    PLATINUMFOREVER Unlocks Wonder-Director as a playable character.

    Contributed by: Chrimp