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The Temple of Elemental Evil Cheats For PC

  1. Loot the Living

    Looking for some great items that you know NPCs are carrying? Want to loot them without all the messy complications caused by murder? Look no further!

    1. Quicksave via F12
    2. Kill anyone in the game
    3. Open the loot inventory screen for their dead body
    4. Quickload via F9
    4a. You'll notice that the inventory panel is still open with the loot from the dead body...who is now alive and non-hostile.
    5. Select a character portrait.
    6. Take everything.
    7. Lather, rinse, repeat

    Once you loot the NPC, you cannot do so again.

    This may break a few quests, obviously.

    Contributed by: IBNobody 

  2. Roll 18's for all abilities

    You can create a character with any stat setup, obviously a boon in a DnD game. To get 18 in all six abilities score simply do the following.

    Create a character, at the initial ''Roll'' you will see six empty boxes vertically on the left and six empty boxes vertically on the right. Don't click the roll stats button, instead click on the tab in the bottom right corner labeled 'Advanced' to switch to the point allocation stat selection process.

    On this screen the six empty boxes on the right have been hidden, but they are still there. The six boxes on the left have been filled with the number 8. Using the 25 points you are allowed to raise a stat, raise one of those 8's to 18. Drag and drop the 18 straight across to the right where the six empty boxes on the right would be. If done correctly the stat should disappear and leave the six boxes on the left holding five 8's and one of the boxes will be empty.

    Now, if you click again on the tab in the bottom right corner this time labeled 'Basic', you will return to the initial six empty boxes on the left. Instead of the six on the right being empty, the 18 you made on the previous screen is displayed in one of the boxes while the other five are still empty. Again click on the 'Advanced' tab, raise another stat to 18 with the new 25 points you are given, drag and drop it straight across into a different spot on the right.

    Click on the 'Basic' tab again and now you have four of the boxes on the right still empty but two are holding those hard to roll 18s. Click the 'Advanced' tab yet again and repeat.

    Using this glitch you can give your characters any stats you wish to, which makes bringing an old favorite character from previous games easy as can be without the frustrating clicking required to 'roll' a character and match up stats. Well at least you can match the stats of your old characters... Let's not mention the portraits.

    Contributed by: Jebinator 

  3. Dual-weild with any shield

    This cheat allows you to dual-weild and use a shield and get the benefits of both.

    First, equip any two weapons you want your character to use. Then, equip a buckler onto his or her off-hand. Next, slide any other shield into the buckler's slot. Your character should now be equipped with both weapons and the new shield. Even better, the game gives both hands the attack bonus of the main hand (for example, +7/+7 instead of +7/+6)!

    Contributed by: CrazyHoot 

  4. Extra-Ordinary Stat Increase

    When making a new character push the Reroll button as many times as you want- the higher the better (it will say how many times you pushed the Reroll button). Then go to the Advanced tab. Where the stats were on the Basics page you can double click on one of the boxes where they were and the number will change to how many time you pushed the Reroll Button. You can then drag this high number over to the stat block you want.

    Contributed by: shiyongseng 

  5. All 18's or 3's..

    It seems that troika knew some munchkins would get a lil click-happy with the roll feature... so when you hit 99999 clicks... it says instead of roll count ''Enough clicking already ALL 18's!''

    here's the fun part

    click again...

    ''Not good enough, fine... ALL 3's :-(''

    Contributed by: Kharmakazy 

  6. Easy Money

    One way to get some easy money:

    Have at least one NPC (I did it with the Thief) that Loots dead bodies. When the NPC loots some Gems, go into the inventory screen, transfer all but one of the gems to one of your characters. When you are at a store (best prices at the Money lender) sell the gems. You will get the Sell box, sell all, you will then get a message stating the NPC will not drop the item. When you click OK the items go back into your inventory and you walk away with the money. Repeat as often as you like... (any of the same gems added to your inventory will increase the amount you earn.)

    Contributed by: GhostWolf1971 

  7. Set HP to whatever you want.

    Must have official patch 2.0 installed.

    Bring up the console by holding shift and ~. Then type the following string with X being the number of the party member you want to target -1, and with Y being the number you want that character's pre-con-modified HP to be:[X].stat_base_set(stat_hp_max,Y)

    Example:[2].stat_base_set(stat_hp_max,20) will set the third member of your party to an HP max of 20 + (character's con modifier * character's level).

    Code may not work right until you've played for a while. If it fails, try typing this line into the console first:

    from utilities import *

    Contributed by: Lord Plothos 

  8. Free improvement of some items

    When you use the craft magic arms and armor feat, the many suits of elven chain and all magic shields will have +1, +2, and +3 greyed out, making it impossible to select them and move them over to the other collumn. Click on the item you want to improve and instead of cancelling, select create instead. The item will be given a +3 rating for free, making all elven chain +8 to armor/+4 max dex, all large shields +5 to armor, and all small shields and bucklers +4 to armor. You can also craft +3 shields from masterwork shields cheaper by making them +1 first, and then exploiting this cheat to get them to +3 for free.

    Contributed by: Lord Plothos 

  9. Console commands

    Open the console with shift-~ (only works if you have installed patch 2). Then type the following codes

    Effect Effect[0].identify_all(0) "0" denotes a party member... change as desired.
    cheats.all_spells_by_class All possible spells are learned.

    Contributed by: pog77 

  10. Cheat Codes

    Start the game with any of these command line parameters:

    Effect Effect
    dialogcheck checks dialog
    fps Display Frame Rate
    defaultparty gives you your default party
    startmap Map Select
    nofog No Fog
    norandom no random encounters
    nosound No Sound
    window play windowed mode
    3dsounds sets 3d sound
    scrollfps shows fps

    Contributed by: ssj18vegeta, gsgreg 

  11. Set Statistics to any value

    This code allows the Statistics to be set to any value. It is typed into the console and is formatted as below.[#].stat_base_set(stat_?????,#)

    The first number is the party member number 0-7

    The question marks are the statistic tobe changed and need to be typed in in fulland all lower case. ie... strength, dexterity, intelligence, wisdom, constitution, or charisma.

    Effect Effect
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,45000) Level 10
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,55000) Level 11
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,66000) Level 12
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,78000) Level 13
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,91000) Level 14
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,105000) Level 15
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,10000) Level 5
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,15000) Level 6
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,21000) Level 7
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,28000) Level 8
    stat_base_set(stat_experience,36000) Level 9[0].stat_base_set(stat_strength,110) Sets the first party members strength to 110.[1].stat_base_set(stat_dexterity,50) Sets the second party members dexterity to 50.[2].stat_base_set(stat_intelligence,210) Sets the third party members intelligence to 210.

    Contributed by: lordcthulu, wackywizjr 

  12. Ahhh, no more money problems!

    Open the console with shift-~ (only works if you have installed patch 2). Then type the following code for free money.[0].money_adj(#)

    Make # = the amount of money in copper that you'd like to have. Here are some examples (does not have to be a multiple of 3):

    Effect Effect[0].money_adj(3) You get 3 cp[0].money_adj(300) You get 3 gp[0].money_adj(3000) You get 3 pp[0].money_adj(30) You get 3 sp[0].money_adj(4500000) You get 4,500 pp

    Contributed by: Lord Plothos 

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