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The Sims Double Deluxe Cheats For PC

  1. Cheat Repeat

    After entering the cheat menu (get there by pressing alt+shift+c)and entering the cheat, type in ;! (e.g.rosebud;!) to repeat the cheat.

    Contributed by: Solberger0127 

  2. Faster Money

    When using the rosebud cheat, you can get money faster without having to enter the entire code again. All you have to do is add a One (1), to the end of the extended code. (e.x. rosebud;!;!;!;!:!;!;1) You will then be told the code is incorrect, but you will still get the money. So just keep hitting enter and then clicking the OK button.

    Contributed by: TahlonX 

  3. Cheat Codes

    To bring up the cheat screen, press alt+shift+c, then type in any one of these passwords (note, for some versions you must hold ctrl+shift+c):

    Effect Effect
    rosebud adds an extra $1,000
    move_objects on allows you to move all objects
    cam_mode camera toggle (cam_mode on to turn on, cam_mode off to turn off).
    prepate_lot fix required lot objects
    mansion gives you the best mansion
    autonomy intelligence (0-1,000)
    interests It'll let you change your interests and personality
    music music toggle
    lot size set lot size (number)
    set_hour set the time you want to get up (1-24)
    soundevent sound event toggle
    sound sound toggle
    reload_people total reload of animations, people, skins, and suits
    move_objects off turns off the cheat above
    map_edit on Turns on the map editor.
    html web creation toggle
    water tool you can put water around your house
    floating_sims Your sims float in the air.

    Contributed by: Solberger0127, Shadow., gosh66