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The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Cheats For 3DS

  1. Ball Pop Game

    While in the connection room to the Drablands, if you do a Pegasus dash (L1/R1) and the walls or pillars, a ball will fall from the ceiling. If you slash it, it will pop up in the air and you can keep hitting it to keep it in the air. Depending on how long you keep it up, you will get some bonus rupees.

    Contributed by: Stryyder 

  2. Unlock Friend Tokens for Purchase

    Normally, the only way to get a Friend Token is by playing local multiplayer with others, and even then, you can only earn one per person. However, there is a way to buy them. Once you've defeated all of the bosses in the game and seen the ending, go talk to the shop owner in the middle of town. He will announce that he has started selling Friend Tokens as part of his normal rotation. They won't be available every day, but when they are, they will cost 2,000 Rupees a piece. This will make earning some of the costumes in the game much easier.

    Contributed by: TuxedoAlex 

  3. Receive Gold-Rank Materials from the King

    After clearing all 16 Challenges in a World (the normal run plus all 3 Challenges of each of the 4 Levels) go and talk to the King. He will give you a Gold Rank Material for that World which can otherwise only be obtained from the Colosseum. It doesn't matter if the Challenges were cleared in Multiplayer or Solo Mode, as long as all 16 Triangles are lit up on the Board. You can only receive 1 of each Material from the King.

    Clear all Challenges in Woodlands 1. Supple Leaf
    Clear all Challenges in Riverside 2. Thornberry
    Clear all Challenges in Volcano 3. Divine Whiskers
    Clear all Challenges in Ice Cavern 4. Beastie Patch
    Clear all Challenges in Fortress 5. Brittle Papyrus
    Clear all Challenges in The Dunes 6. Golden Insect
    Clear all Challenges in The Ruins 7. Gold Dust
    Clear all Challenges in Sky Realm 8. Fabled Butterfly

    Contributed by: Turbo_TRex 

  4. Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Costumes

    Some of the costumes are unlocked by completing bonus challenges.

    Complete all challenges in Woodland and Riverside, then talk to the King to get the materials needed for the costume. Cacto Costume
    Complete all challenges in Volcano, Ice and Fortress, then talk to the King to get the materials needed for the costume. Cheetah Costume
    After viewing the game's ending, talk to Princess Styla. Cursed Tights
    Get five Freebies by losing in the Daily Riches Shop to unlock it, and collect five more Freebies to have enough to make it. Dapper Spinner
    Complete all 40 levels in the Den of Trails. Fierce Deity Armor
    Complete all challenges in Dunes, Ruins, and Sky, then talk to the King to get the materials needed for the costume. Sword Master Suit

    Contributed by: dorthie2, TuxedoAlex, DarkPit3P2, N1ch01a5 

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