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The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails Cheats For PSP

  1. In-Game Trophies

    Although the game does not formally connect to PSN for a trophy system, Nayuta no Kiseki contains an in-game trophy system that is functionally identical. Trophies are awarded upon the completion of in-game tasks. In New Game+, they also award points that can be spent on Astrolabe bonuses. Trophies marked with * are only available in New Game+.

    Begin the game. 01. Start of a Handyman (50p)
    Defeat Duoqurois. 02. Twin Crags (50p)
    Defeat Palreschia. 03. Lightning Caller (50p)
    Defeat Cravaltarf. 04. Armor of Annihilation (50p)
    Defeat Sagiscellan. 05. Scorching Beast (50p)
    Defeat Livadrigger. 06. Wheel of Judgment (50p)
    Defeat Raegivan. 07. Amber Wing (50p)
    Defeat Ishtaurus. 08. Azure Ogre (50p)
    Defeat Gradleon. 09. Jade Sword-King (50p)
    Defeat Armadaries. 10. Crimson Demon-Emperor (50p)
    Defeat Selam Il Ordene. 11. Starfall Knight (50p)
    Defeat Zext Ji Quarius. 12. Guide of Legends (50p)
    Defeat Stell Alaqran. 13. Abyssal Star Core (50p)
    Defeat Labe Virgos. 14. Divine Armor (100p)
    Defeat the true final boss. 15. Weaver of Paradise (100p)
    Begin the after-story. 16. New Day (50p)
    Clear 10 stages. 17. Diligent Curiosity (100p)
    Clear 50 stages. 18. Steel Researcher (100p)
    Defeat 200 enemies. 19. Bold Warrior (100p)
    Defeat 2000 enemies. 20. Historic Warrior (100p)
    Defeat 5000 enemies. 21. Intense Warrior (100p)
    Defeat 100 enemies with sword techs. 22. Secret Sword Dancer (100p)
    Defeat 1000 enemies with arts. 23. Peerless Magic (100p)
    Use Flash Guard to defend against 100 attacks. 24. Hundred Counter (100p)
    Fall off the stage 20 times. 25. Soul of Fortitude (100p)
    Destroy 1000 objects. 26. Avatar of Destruction (100p)
    Collect 5000 shining stones. 27. Sparkly Stone Maniac (100p)
    Clear 10 stages without taking damage. 28. Spirited Advance (100p)
    Achieve a Chain of 100 29. Hundred Attack (100p)
    Achieve a Chain of 200 30. Like a Rain of Stars (100p)
    Clear a stage within 60 seconds. 31. Lightning Speed (100p)
    Exceed 50 hours of play time. 32. World Traveler (200p)
    Complete all quests.* 33. Hero of Remnant Isle (200p)
    Defeat all enemies.* 34. Teller of Battles (200p)
    Cook all lunchboxes.* 35. Gourmet Master (200p)
    Collect all equipment.* 36. Weapon Master (200p)
    Obtain all arts.* 37. Hand of Creation (200p)
    Complete the museum.* 38. Top-Class Collector (200p)
    Complete all training from Master Orbus.* 39. Full Mastery (200p)
    Clear all stages.* 40. Otherworld Traveler (200p)
    Analyze all star shards.* 41. Star Shard Observer (200p)
    Clear the game on Normal or higher. 42. Scholar's Egg (100p)
    Clear the game on Hard or higher. 43. Future Talent (100p)
    Clear the game on Infinity difficulty.* 44. Knower of the Starry Sea (100p)
    Attain level 50. 45. Little Giant (100p)
    Carry at least one million Mira at one time. 46. Millionaire (100p)
    Find Mishy in every chapter. 47. Friend to Mishy (100p)
    Obtain all other trophies.* 48. Nayuta Mastery (400p)

    Contributed by: Emmy_Altava 

  2. Astrolabe Bonuses

    Upon starting a New Game+ and reaching the point where they can access the Astrolabe, the player will be able to use the Astrolabe to unlock special bonuses using trophy points. Some of these bonuses are only available after certain requirements are fulfilled.

    Complete Chapter 1 (50p) 150% Experience Rate
    Complete Heimmel Summer (100p) 200% Experience Rate
    Complete Chapter 1 (50p) 200% Item Drop Rate
    Complete Heimmel Summer (100p) 300% Item Drop Rate
    Complete Heimmel Summer (250p) Great Movement Speed Increase
    Complete Chapter 3 (200p) Heimmel 4th Season (Summer)
    Complete Oltapia Autumn (100p) Increased Gear Buster Efficiency
    Complete Oltapia Autumn (100p) Increased Gear Drive Efficiency
    Complete Oltapia Autumn (100p) Increased Gear Hold Efficiency
    Complete Oltapia Autumn (100p) Increased Gear Shield Efficiency
    Complete Rieseweld Spring (200p) Infinite-Use Gear Buster
    Complete Rieseweld Spring (200p) Infinite-Use Gear Drive
    Complete Rieseweld Spring (200p) Infinite-Use Gear Hold
    Complete Rieseweld Spring (200p) Infinite-Use Gear Shield
    Complete Chapter 4 (300p) La Worg 4th Season (Winter)
    Complete Chapter 1 (50p) Nayuta Level Cap Increase (up to 70)
    Complete Rieseweld Spring (100p) Nayuta Level Cap Increase (up to 85)
    Complete La Worg Winter (900p) Nayuta Level Cap Increase (up to 99)
    Complete Chapter 1 (50p) Noi Art Level Cap Increase (up to 10)
    Complete Rieseweld Spring (100p) Noi Art Level Cap Increase (up to 20)
    Complete La Worg Winter (900p) Noi Art Level Cap Increase (up to 30)
    Complete Chapter 1 (50p) Oltapia 4th Season (Autumn)
    Complete Chapter 2 (100p) Rieseweld 4th Season (Spring)
    Complete Chapter 1 (100p) Slight Movement Speed Increase
    Complete La Worg Winter (800p) Unlimited Enemy Level Cap
    Enable Unlimited Enemy Level Cap (0p) Unlimited Enemy Level Cap Cancel

    Contributed by: Emmy_Altava 

  3. Master Orbus' Training

    By completing levels, fulfilling certain objectives, and finding the three large crystals in each level, players can obtain up to three stamps per level. For every six stamps the player obtains, they can speak to Master Orbus to be rewarded with a new move or equipment. These rewards are cumulative and cannot be lost. If the reward item is already obtained due to New Game+ transfer, the reward will be 100 Mira instead. Rewards marked with * are only available in New Game+.

    30 Stamps Aerial Evasion
    96 Stamps Chain 80/100/120 Bonuses Added
    54 Stamps Chain Added Upon Object Destruction
    150 Stamps* Chain Continuation Time Increase
    162 Stamps* Consecutive Evasion
    132 Stamps Counter
    90 Stamps Crimson Sword
    12 Stamps Down Thrust
    114 Stamps Evasion Duration Increase
    174 Stamps* Fallen Lotus
    24 Stamps Flash Guard
    156 Stamps* Guard Time Increase
    48 Stamps Kamaitachi
    60 Stamps Magic Charge
    144 Stamps Magic Charge Increased
    36 Stamps Meteor Attack
    42 Stamps Military Armor
    108 Stamps Military Uniform
    18 Stamps One-Handed Sword 5-Combo
    84 Stamps One-Handed Sword 6-Combo
    138 Stamps One-Handed Sword 7-Combo
    66 Stamps Oni Mask
    6 Stamps Spinning Cut
    102 Stamps Swallow Return
    180 Stamps* Thousand-World Sword
    72 Stamps Two-Handed Sword 5-Combo
    120 Stamps Two-Handed Sword 6-Combo
    168 Stamps* Two-Handed Sword 7-Combo
    78 Stamps Vacuum Blade
    126 Stamps Whirlwind

    Contributed by: Emmy_Altava