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The King of Fighters 2006 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Classic Neo Geo soundtrack

    To unlock all the soundtest, which include over 35 classic Neo Geo tunes, simply unlock the Neo Geo Land stage, which is the 4th stage you unlock, by fullfilling any of the 4 requirements to unlock a stage.

    Contributed by: YanDaMan263 

  2. Hard Missions

    Succeed in all 10 levels of Easy Missions to unlock Hard Missions

    Contributed by: FarhanMalik 

  3. Unlockable Characters

    Complete Specified Tasks To Unlock Following Characters

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 12 Characters Armor Ralf
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 5 Characters B. Jenet
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 3 Characters Fio Germi
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 4 Characters Hanzo Hattori
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 13 Characters Hyena
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 14 Characters Jivatma
    Complete Story Mode Once Kim Kaphwan
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 10 Characters Kyo Kusanagi (Classic Version)
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 7 Characters Lilly Kane
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 11 Characters Mr. Karate
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 6 Characters Nightmare Geese
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 8 Characters Ninon Beart
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 2 Characters Richard Myer
    Complete Story Mode Using Any 9 Characters Wild Wolf

    Contributed by: Rabite 

  4. Unlocking stages.

    Complete Specified Conditions To Unlock Following Stages. You Can Complete Any Conditions Regardless of Order When You Had Complete It. <br /> <br />Complete Story Mode Once <br />Complete All Level 5 Mission In Easy Missions <br />Complete All Easy Missions <br />Complete All Level 5 Mission In Hard Missions <br />Complet All Hard Missions <br />Complete Stage 60 In Quest Survival <br />Complete Stage 120 In Quest Survival <br />Complet Stage 200 In Quest Survival <br />

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete Any Six Conditions Cyber Space
    Complete Any Two Conditions Dragon's Lair
    Complete Any Seven Conditions Emperor's Court
    Complete Any Three Conditions Esaka
    Complete Any Conditions Grand Mosque
    Complete Any Five Conditions Infernal Gate
    Complete All Conditions Mizuki
    Complete Any Four Conditions Neo Geo Land

    Contributed by: YanDaMan263 

  5. Extra Outfit Colors

    There are several methods of unlocking additional colors for each character's outfits. You can get up to 4 extra colors (E, F, G and H) for each charcter's Normal and Another outfit. Select the character and outfit of your choice, then do one of the following:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear Story Mode Extra Colors
    Clear any Mission in Challenge Mode Extra Colors
    Clear Time Attack Mode Extra Colors
    Awarded every few stages in Quest Survival Extra Colors

    Contributed by: LegatoB 

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