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The Cheetah Girls: Passport to Stardom Cheats For DS

  1. DGamer Honors

    Achievements using the DGamer system.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Unlock Marisol and Joaquin for multiplayer mode. Amigas Cheetahs
    Follow Gita's steps perfectly on the first try. Dancing Diva!
    Design over 30 clothing items. Fierce Fashion!
    Complete the tour in New York on Story Mode. Grabbin Grammies~
    Complete Story Mode. International Superstar!
    Unlock all the songs in the music player. Music Mogul
    Complete the tour in India on Story Mode. Passage to India
    Get a perfect score. Purr-fect Performance!
    Log onto DGamer online with a username. Registered DGamer
    Complete the tour in Spain on Story Mode. Viva Spain

    Contributed by: mudkipz123