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The Alto Collection Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Score 10,000 points in one combo Adrenaline Junkie
    Ride for 1,000,000m Adventurer
    Beat 25 Goals Amateur
    Fly With Wingsuit in Odyssey Aviator
    Proximity Fly for 1000m total Daredevil
    Unlock Paz Enter Paz
    Ride for 500,000m Explorer
    Complete 10 Goals Finding Your Footing
    Unlock Felipe Here Comes Felipe
    Grind the very top rope of the ship Hoist the Mainsail
    Fly With Wingsuit in Adventure Human Flight
    Unlock Sumara Introducing Sumara
    Unlock Izel Izel Has Arrived
    Ride for 1,000,000m Journeyer
    Dip underwater 50 times Life Aquatic
    Beat All 180 Goals Master
    Complete 180 Goals Master Of The Sands
    Ride for 5,000m total while chased by a lemur My Little Friend
    Ride for 50,000m Nomad
    Complete 75 Goals One With The Board
    Complete 25 Goals Picking Up Speed
    Unlock all trophies Platinum
    Beat 75 Goals Pro
    Beat 10 Goals Rookie
    Wallride for 10,000m in total Sandboarder
    Ride for 50,000m Scout
    Discover 3 biomes Sightseer
    Snowboard for 3 days Survivalist
    Complete all 180 goals once without crashing more than 100 times The Ultimate Challenge
    Ride for 250,000m Traveler
    Unlock Felipe Unlock Felipe
    Unlock Izel Unlock Izel
    Unlock Maya Unlock Maya
    Unlock Paz Unlock Paz
    Unlock Tupa Unlock Tupa
    Break 500 pots in total Vandal
    Ride for 500,000m Voyager
    Ride for 250,000m Wanderer
    Unlock Maya Welcome Maya
    Backflip from 100 tornados in total Windswept

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold