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Tempo (1995) Cheats For Sega 32X

  1. Ending Requirements

    Depending on your final score, you get a different prize at the end which will trigger a different image during the credits.

    Between 667,000 - 1,004,000 Pts Car
    Between 274,000 - 449,000 Pts Guitar
    Over 1,005,000 Pts House
    Between 122,000 - 273,000 Pts Pan
    Under 121,000 Pts Pants
    Between 450,000 - 666,000 Pts Plane

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

  2. Level Passwords

    Effect Effect
    D, A, F, E, C-1, E, A, Rest Circus level
    G, Rest, G, G, E, D, B, R Final level
    F, C-1, A, C-1, G, C-1, F, Rest Hi-Fi level
    D, D, B, A, G, Rest, B, D Indigestion level
    F, C-1, G, C-1, A, C-1, G, C-1 Jungle level
    A, Rest, E, Rest, C-1, Rest, G, C Winter level

    Contributed by: BXBomber