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Tekken's Nina Williams in: Death by Degrees Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Purpose of Gold Coins

    Gold Coins serve a specific function in New Game + mode, where the quantity you discover determines your starting benefits in subsequent runs

    Discovering 30 Gold Coins Awards x12 Defibrillators, x2 Holsters, and x2 Tactical Belts
    Discovering 15 to 20 Gold Coins Awards x3 Defibrillators
    Discovering 21 to 29 Gold Coins Awards x6 Defibrillators, x1 Holster, and x1 Tactical Belt

    Contributed by: ggxky 

  2. Unlock Modes

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Clear the game on Hard difficulty. Expert Mode
    Clear the game on any difficulty. Garment Bag
    Clear the game on any difficulty. Hard Mode
    Clear the game on any difficulty. Honeycomb Lock Mode
    Availble on subsequent playthroughs in green weapons cache boxes. Inifinite Weapons
    Play through the game to unlock all of them. Movie Player
    Clear the game on any difficulty. Music Player
    Beat the game with a 5 star rating Nina in Tekken 2 graphics
    Clear the game on any difficulty. Sniper Mode
    Clear the game on any difficulty. Stingray Mode
    Complete Anna Mode Unlock Heihachi as final boss fight in the Main Game
    Beat the game once Unlock the Anna game mode

    Contributed by: Bill Rizer, buffyonPS2, TachikomaShiki, SilvaShade 

  3. Infinite weapon locations

    Find these by loading a clear game file.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    The crate in the contriband room (prison) Infinite 9mm handgun
    The crate in cell 3 (solitary west access) Infinite Katana
    The crate in the engine room (ship) Infinite Railgun
    The crate in Dr Boskonovich's quarters Infinite sub machine gun
    The crate under the stairs (deep sea sub pen) Infinite suitcase gun
    The crate at the back of the heliport (ship) Infinite Tonfa Baton

    Contributed by: robcram 

  4. Honeycomb lock sequences for infinite weapons

    These are the codes to open the crates for the infinite weapons the second time though the game.

    The codes work like this:
    The arrow that the curser starts on is "1" , the next one to the right is "2" and so on in a clockwise manner.


    Effect Effect
    7-10-2-10-6 Opens rail gun crate with infinite ammo
    2 - 9 - 1 Opens sub-machine gun crate with infinite ammo
    4-1-6-2 Opens suitcase gun crate with infinite ammo

    Contributed by: AnotherHell 

  5. Extra Outfit

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat game twice(continue with your new game +) Wrestling outfit

    Contributed by: Soshi_Strife728 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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