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Team Fortress Classic Cheats For PC

  1. Extra Guts and Blood Splatter

    Press ~ To access console, and type ''cl_gibcount 999''
    *Note* Don't include the ''.

    Contributed by: KSx27 

  2. Get Any Weapon

    In order to get any weapon that you want, the server must type in: ''sv-cheats 1'' and then in battle go to the console (~) and type: ''give tf_weapon_???'' replace the ??? with weapon you want:

    auto cannon=ac
    rocket launcher=rl
    gerande launcher=gl
    pipe bomb launcher=pl
    tranquilizer gun=tranq
    chain gun=ac
    rocket Launcher=rpg
    super shotgun=supershotgun
    flamethrower= flamethrower

    Contributed by: Sportsman 

  3. Improved sniping power

    Open the console with ~, then enter "fov 1" (sans quotes) to give 10x the sniping power. (To reset it, enter "fov 0")

    Contributed by: th3l3fty 

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