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SWAT: Target Liberty Cheats For PSP

  1. Cheat codes

    While in-game, hit start to pause the game and the hold L, R, Triangle, and Left on the D-pad simultaneously to bring up the cheat console. Enter the cheats one button at a time. You'll get a message when a cheat is entered successfully.

    Effect Effect
    Left, square, up, triangle, down, cross, right, right All characters visible
    Cross, square, triangle, cross, square, triangle, left, right All weapons unlocked
    Up, up, up, left, down, up, up, right Civilians Invincible
    Square, square, triangle, triangle, left, right, cross, cross Infinite ammo
    Triangle, up, right, right, right, left, left, left Officers Invincible
    Right, left, right, left, down, up, right, left Player 'invisible'
    Square, square, triangle, up, up, down, down, suqare Player and officers fully promoted
    Square, up, down, down, cross, left, up, down Player Invincible
    Up, down, down, left, up, down, down, down Sounds are not heard
    Square, triangle, left, up, down, cross, cross, down Stop the timer if one is active
    Up, right, left, right, cross, right, cross, right Unlock Remixed Credits

    Contributed by: plagioclase101 

  2. Unlocking Hard Mode

    Hard mode is suitable for professional police, you must complete the game at least one difficulty!

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat easy or medium difficulty Hard Mode

    Contributed by: black_head77