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Sushi Striker: The Way of Sushido Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Item Codes

    These are some codes Nintendo offered for the game when it was released. They all give usefull itens. To use them go to the Sushi Sprite Shrine, after a certain poin in the game. They should all be typed in All Caps.

    SAM MONROE 3 Guardian Charms
    SASHA IMI Big Renewal Bean
    SUE SHEEN Exp Charm L
    ED AMAME Searing Torch
    DON BERRY Skill Charm

    Contributed by: ViniciusFernand 

  2. Unlock Pyoten

    Throw 10 Sushi parties at the orphanage Pyoten

    Contributed by: ViniciusFernand 

  3. Unlock Wani-o

    Complete the Eastern Empire area, and them go to the lucky Kyat Sushi bar and talk to Kodiak Wani-o

    Contributed by: ViniciusFernand