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Super Swing Golf Cheats For Wii

  1. Unlock Clubs

    All the clubs can be unlocked simply by focusing on completing the Pangya Festas for every character. You can achieve higher ranks by winning 'Pang' from playing rounds which will automatically add to your experience (assuming you won the match, in other case, just becoming PP) as well as become in game currency, and will build up until your next rank. (Rookie->Beginner->Junior->Senior->Amateur->Semi-Pro->Pro->National-Pro->World-Pro->Master)

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Aquire the rank of Beginner Air Lance II
    Aquire the rank of Senior Air Lance III
    Win Pangya Festa with two differnet Characters Baseball Bat
    Win Pangya Festa with Cecilia and, Uncle Bob or Max Household Appliances
    Complete Pangya Festa with Arin Magical Cane
    Win Pangya Festa with Kooh Medieval Arsenal
    Win Pangya Festa with all characters (including Kaz) Mystery Hammer
    Aquire the rank of Amateur Piko Piko Hammer
    Win Pangya Festa with Unle Bob Umbrella

    Contributed by: TekkenTaylor 

  2. Unlockable Characters

    To unlock a new character, beat Pangya Festa with another character. This means the first storyline of Pangya Festa, unless otherwise mentioned.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Pangya Festa with Kooh Arin
    Beat Pangya Festa with Hana or Uncle Bob Cecilia
    Beat Arin's final storyline. To access this storyline, beat the first storyline with everyone but Kaz, and wear Arin's Magic School Uniform. Kaz
    Beat Pangya Festa with Max Kooh
    Beat Pangya Festa with Cecilia Max
    Beat Pangya Festa with Scout Uncle Bob

    Contributed by: Orgyboot 

  3. Unlock Caddies

    You unlock Caddies by defeating the Pangya Festa with certain characters. (Except for Pipin) You must purchase them from the shop first just like the players. Outfits for the Caddies will be unlocked and available for purchase when you unlock the Caddies as well.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat Arin's first Pangya Festa Brie
    Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Kooh Dolfini
    Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Uncle Bob Lola
    Complete the Tutorial Pipin
    Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Hana Quma
    Complete the first Pangya Storyline with Max Tiki
    Beat Cecilia in Arin's first Pangya Festa TitanBoo

    Contributed by: DustMidget, Zero_FZX 

  4. Unlock Pheonixes

    Most of them being hard to come by, they are unlocked by completing certain tasks in-game.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Rare Item recieved from the 'Spinning Dolfini' minigame Gear (Korobot) Pheonix
    Rare Item recieved from the 'Spinning Dolfini' minigame Lucky Pheonix
    Available in shop for 1600PP after Beating Kaz's Storyline Pheonix of Darkness
    Rare Item recieved from the 'Spinning Dolfini' minigame Water (Suezo) Pheonix

    Contributed by: TekkenTaylor 

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