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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz Cheats For Wii

  1. Character Unlock: Baby Robo

    To unlock the minigame version of Baby for use in the main game, play each minigame at least once. If you've forgotten which games you've already tried, the game displays a play count on each minigame. After playing each minigame once, you need to play one more minigame of your choice so that the game will save your stats. Baby Robo will now be available in the main game. Note that to select Baby Robo, you have to highlight Baby on the character select screen and press 1.

    Contributed by: GauRocks 

  2. Unlock Staff Credits game.

    Simply beat the first World to unlock the Staff Credits game under the Options menu.

    Contributed by: SuperPhillip 

  3. Unlock Worlds 9 and 10

    In order to unlock Worlds 9 and 10, do the following:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Complete World 9 without continuing. World 10
    Complete Worlds 1-8 without continuing. World 9

    Contributed by: Jigpuff 

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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Unlockable costumes and characters

    The following costumes and characters are unlocked by completing worlds in single player.

    Finish World 5 A. Baby (Agent outfit)
    Finish World 10 Baby Robo (character)
    Finish World 3 C. AiAi (Captain outfit)
    Finish World 6 F. GonGon (Frankenstein outfit)
    Finish World 7 P. YanYan (Princess outfit)
    Finish World 9 R. Doctor (Robot outfit)
    Finish World 8 Sonic The Hedgehog (character)
    Finish World 4 W. MeeMee (Witch outfit)

    Contributed by: Slave_1 

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz HD Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Clear World 4 Archaeologist
    Obtain over 8000 points in Seesaw Ball's Normal Course (single-player only) Balancing Act
    Clear World 1 Beginner Monkey Baller
    Clear the Casual Course in Time Attack Mode Beginner Speedrunner
    Clear the Hurdle Race in 00:20.00 or less (single-player only) Clearing the Hurdle
    Clear the Normal Course of Hovercraft Race in 01:30.00 or less (single-player only) Crafty Pilot
    Clear the Decathlon 36 times Decathlon Champion
    Clear World 9 Escape from the Sinking Swamp
    Obtain secret bananas from any stage Forbidden Fruit
    Collect a combined total of 3600 bananas through the Main Game and Time Attack Mode Going Bananas
    Clear World 7 Heat of the Moment
    Obtain over 3000 points in the Whack-a-Mole party game (single-player only) Holy Mole-y
    Obtain 8 Champion Medals Intermediate Monkey Baller
    Clear the Standard Course in Time Attack Mode Intermediate Speedrunner
    Clear World 2 King of the Jungle
    Obtain over 5000 points in the Space Monkey Attack party game (single-player only) Laser Monkeys from Outer Space!
    Clear Time Attack Mode 36 times Life in the Fast Lane
    Obtain 9 Champion Medals Master Monkey Baller
    Clear the Expert Course in Time Attack Mode Master Speedrunner
    Change the costumes of all characters except Sonic and clear a stage with each of them Monkey Business
    Clear the Normal Course of Dangerous Route with 02:00.00 or more remaining (single-player only) Path of Most Resistance
    Clear World 5 Pirate Captain
    Clear 100 stages in the Main Game using the same character Prime Primate
    Obtain over 2500 points in the Monkey Target party game (single-player only) Right on Target
    Obtain over 2500 points in the Slingshot party game (single-player only) Sharp Shooter
    Clear World 3 Smooth Sliding
    Clear the Normal Course of Monkey Snowboard in 01:40.00 or less (single-player only) Snow Problem
    Obtain all trophies Super Monkey Baller
    Clear World 8 Super Monkey Brawl
    Clear World 6 Super Spelunker
    Obtain 4 Champion Medals Talented Monkey Baller
    Obtain 10 Champion Medals The People's Chimpion
    Throw over 110m in the Hammer Throw party game (single-player only) Throwing the Distance
    Clear World 10 Ultra Heaven
    Clear a stage as Sonic the Hedgehog Way Past Cool
    Clear the Decathlon Work Hard, Play Hard

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold