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Super Mario Odyssey Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Cat Mario and Cat Peach

    While you are playing the main story, you might come across a pixel version of Cat Mario/Peach hidden on a wall. They can be quite hard to spot though. As a bonus, you can throw Cappy at Cat Mario for a few coins and at Cat Peach for an extra heart.

    Contributed by: EvsterGaming26 

  2. Wind-up Box Songs

    If you jump on the globe at the Odyssey, it will cancel the level music and begin to play either Jump Up Superstar or the theme from Cascade Kingdom using a wind-up box. If you are in any kingdom from Cap Kingdom up until Lost Kingdom, the globe will play the Cascade Kingdom theme. If you are in Metro Kingdom or further, the globe will play Jump Up Superstar.

    Contributed by: Dusty_lindsay 

  3. Gold balloons for Luigi

    Reach the highest rank (rank 50) in Luigi’s Balloon World, and Luigi’s balloons will all turn gold.

    Contributed by: Mingy Jongo 

  4. Rewards for getting all 880 regular gameplay Moons

    If all Moon lists are completely filled and thus all 880 regular gameplay Moons are acquired, certain prizes will be unlocked.

    Acquire all 880 regular gameplay Moons and beat Bowser's harder fight A postcard
    Acquire all 880 regular gameplay Moons Gold Odyssey sail
    Acquire all 880 regular gameplay Moons New portrait of Bowser in Wedding Hall on the Moon (Harder Bowser fight)

    Contributed by: Tha_Man_DS 

  5. Unlockable Outfits (Amiibo)

    Note that you can also unlock these outfits during gameplay, but scanning the corresponding Amiibo (with Uncle Amiibo, found by the Odyssey in any given kingdom) will allow you to unlock their outfits right away.

    Use the Bowser (Wedding Outfit) amiibo Bowser Groom Outfit
    Use the 8-Bit Mario, Smash Bros Mario or the Mario series Mario amiibo. Classic Mario Outfit
    Use the Smash Bros Diddy Kong or Mario series Diddy Kong amiibo. Diddy Kong Outfit
    Use the Smash Bros Dr. Mario amiibo. Dr. Mario Outfit
    Use the Gold Mario or Silver Mario amiibo. Gold Mario Outfit
    Use the Smash Bros Luigi or Mario series Luigi amiibo. Luigi Outfit
    Use the Mario (Wedding Outfit) amiibo Mario Groom Outfit
    Use the Peach (Wedding Outfit) amiibo Peach Bridal Outfit
    Use the Waluigi amiibo. Waluigi Outfit
    Use the Smash Bros Wario or Mario series Wario amiibo. Wario Outfit

    Contributed by: breed4ever, Mark_zerO_onE, MegaBlaZone 

  6. Unlockable Outfits Without Amiibos

    Meet the required number of Moons to collect to have the amiibo costumes available to purchase at the Crazy Cap stores after completing the game. Note that some of the costumes listed can't be received with the help of amiibo at all.

    Collect 420 Moons. Bowser's Top Hat
    Collect 440 Moons. Bowser's Tuxedo
    Collect 480 Moons. Bridal Gown
    Collect 460 Moons. Bridal Veil
    Reach Mushroom Kingdom. Classic Cap
    Reach Mushroom Kingdom. Classic Suit
    Collect 300 Moons. Diddy Kong Hat
    Collect 320 Moons. Diddy Kong Suit
    Collect 220 Moons. Doctor Headwear
    Collect 240 Moons. Doctor Outfit
    Collect 500 Moons. Gold Mario Cap
    Collect 520 Moons. Gold Mario Suit
    Collect 380 Moons. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo) Hakama
    Beat Darker Side. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo) Invisibility Cap
    Defeat the Broodals on the Dark Side. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo) King's Crown
    Defeat the Broodals on the Dark Side. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo) King's Outfit
    Collect 160 Moons. Luigi Cap
    Collect 180 Moons. Luigi Suit
    Reach Moon Kingdom. Mario's Top Hat
    Reach Moon Kingdom. Mario's Tuxedo
    Collect 540 Moons. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo) Metal Mario Cap
    Collect 560 Moons. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo) Metal Mario Suit
    Reach Mushroom Kingdom. (Cannot be acquired with amiibo) Skeleton Suit
    Collect 260 Moons. Waluigi Cap
    Collect 280 Moons. Waluigi Suit
    Collect 340 Moons. Wario Cap
    Collect 360 Moons. Wario Suit

    Contributed by: Master_Majora, Shinji_Vin, Milkomeda, shadow123367 

  7. Unlock New Kingdoms (Spoilers)

    Three more Kingdoms can be unlocked post-game.

    Beat final boss & acquire 250 moons Dark Side
    Beat final boss & acquire 500 moons Darker Side
    Beat final boss Mushroom Kingdom

    Contributed by: Tha_Man_DS 

  8. Reward for 999 Moons

    Collect 999 Power Moons (note: you will need to purchase at least 119 Moons from Crazy Cap shops since there are only 880 from objectives). After adding the Moons to the Odyssey, the game will congratulate you and mention a surprise at Peach's Castle.

    Collect 999 Moons and spin Cappy on the topmost spire of Peach's Castle Fireworks show at Peach's Castle
    Collect 999 Moons Top hat on Peach's Castle

    Contributed by: Cybertic Dragon 

  9. amiibo Bonuses

    Scanning certain amiibo during regular gameplay (not through Uncle amiibo) by holding the Right Button and then placing the amiibo on the Switch will unlock various bonuses. This can be done at any time, usually with no time limits or restrictions.

    Any Bowser amiibo Highlight Purple Coins on-screen (not on your map)
    Any Peach amiibo Life-Up Heart
    Any amiibo or amiibo card Random coins or bonus hearts
    Any Mario amiibo Temporary Invincibility (30 sec)

    Contributed by: deoxyscyclone 

  10. New Moons in Kingdoms

    New Moons can be unlocked in Kingdoms by meeting requirements.

    Beat final boss on the Moon + Beat all Kingdom bosses/story missions New Moons in Kingdoms (via breakable Moonstones)

    Contributed by: Tha_Man_DS 

  11. Rewards for 100%'ing the game

    100%'ing the game means:
    - Get 999 Moons (incl. all Moon lists filled)
    - Get all souvenirs
    - Get all in-game music tracks
    - Get al captures (+ completely filled Action Guide)
    - Get all costumes & hats

    100% the game Star on savefile
    100% the game Top hat on Peach's Castle (incl. new cutscene)

    Contributed by: Tha_Man_DS