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Super Mario Bros. 35 Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Unlocking more stages

    There are 2 ways to unlock more stages.
    The 1st is to clear every stage you currently have unlocked at least once (as shown by the Flag symbol that will appear on the picture). Once you do this, the next stage in order will be unlocked.

    The 2nd way is to find a stage you don't have unlocked during a match. If you manage to clear that stage, it will unlock.

    Contributed by: Turbo_TRex 

  2. Choose Stages You Haven't Unlocked (Pre-Patch 1.0.2)

    If you press a direction on the D-Pad and the A Button on the same frame when choosing a stage for a battle, you can choose the next stage over, even if you haven't unlocked it yet. On top of that, if you complete said stage, it will be considered unlocked as normal!

    NOTE: This Glitch is no longer functional as of Patch 1.0.2)

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer 

  3. Small Mario Bonus

    The game does not explicitly tell you what the "Small Mario Bonus" is. Essentially, if you choose to start a match without paying for an extra item, the coins you earn at the end (after all other bonuses) will be doubled! Thus, if getting coins is your goal, it is actually very much to your advantage to not start with an item.

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer 

  4. Easily Target Many Opponents

    If you wish to target many opponents at a time (often 5, 10, or more), switch your targeting method wildly by using the right analog stick during gameplay. (Usually swinging it in a circle fast and repeatedly works best.) When you're done, switch to targeting "Attackers," and many people in the lobby will be targeting you - and you will be targeting all of them.

    This can make it particularly easy to gain time in the early portions of the game and earn KOs. If you defeat particularly difficult enemies especially (e.g. Lakitus), they can often flood levels to the point of absurdity. Thus, there is a risk-reward balance when playing like this - it makes it easy to gain KOs and time, but also can make the game much harder and more chaotic (for you and everyone else in the lobby).

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer 

  5. Unlock Luigi as a playable character.

    You gain the ability to play as Luigi once you've unlocked AND cleared every stage in the game at least once.

    You can ascertain whether you've cleared a particular stage by the presence of a white flag in the upper right corner of a stage icon on the stage select screen, merely unlocking each stage is insufficient.

    (To prevent the L Button from messing with your item selection, you can also press A to choose the stage, and then immediately begin holding L afterwards.)

    Hold down the L Button on the matchmaking screen. Play as Luigi.

    Contributed by: Punnyz