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Super Mario All-Stars / Super Mario World Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Re-enter finished Castles and Fortresses (Super Mario World)

    After you beat a castle or fortress you cannot normally re-enter it. To re-enter a castle or a fortress press L+R at the same time and you will enter the castle/fortress.

    Contributed by: peach freak 

  2. New World Map Colors (Super Mario World)

    Once you have beaten the final Special World level (Funky), the whole world map (and caves too) will be in a completely new color. Most enemies will now look different too. This looks like Dinosaur Land changing over from "summer like" to "fall like"

    Contributed by: peach freak 

  3. Original SMB music (Super Mario World)

    In Super Mario World, go to the Special World. If you sit there and do nothing for a few minutes, the Super Mario Brothers theme will start playing! It goes back to the Special World music if you leave the map by any way (going to a level or exiting).

    Contributed by: peach freak 

  4. Generate Extra Power Switches

    Power Switches are those in-game blue buttons that reverse the rolls of the coins and solid bricks and vice-versa upon jumping on top of them. During the split-second "pressed flat" animation of the button after usage, you can use Yoshi to lick it back up--when you spit it out, it will be an entirely new Power Switch that will extend the duration of the effect of the switch.

    Contributed by: JnkSpace 

  5. Warp Zone (Super Mario Brothers)

    To warp to Worlds 2, 3,or 4 during World 1-2, go to the end where the 2 platforms are rising, get on the first platform, and use it to jump onto the highest structure in the middle, then jump on the next rising platform, but this time, when it reaches the top, jump onto the TOP of the level. Walk foward and drop down the small jump, and you can now warp to Worlds 2, 3, or 4 by going down the desired tube, and pressing down.

    To warp to World 6,7 or 8 during World 4-2, go to the place where three blocks are can be seen (where a pipe can also be seen). Jump below the third block where you can reveal a secret block but be careful on jumping below the 1st block because you can't break it thus going to the secret warp world unless you are a small Mario. Then step on to it and break the 2nd and the 3rd block. After you have done this, go down, then jump again below the second block now (it should have been broken now). The position of the two revealed blocks must be a stair from right to left. Anyway, step on to the 2nd block then braek the 1st block and there you can see the vine going up. Climb until you reach the day light again. Get some coins if you wish and you can now see three pipes like in the secret warp Worlds 2,3 and 4. Go down your desired pipe.

    At the very end place of world 4-2 (where you can see the pipe going to the flag) jump on the long pipe and break the brick above it and go through the end and you can see the pipe going to the World 5.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  6. 28 P-Wings (Super Mario Brothers 3)

    Complete the game and watch the ending. Now start a new game. You will start at World 1 with 28 P-Wings.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  7. 'Hide' behind scenery (Super Mario Brothers 3)

    To ''hide'' behind scenery, simply hold down for a couple seconds while standing on a white block. Then your player can ''hide'' behind scenery for about thirty seconds.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  8. Morph a wandering hammer brother into a treasure ship. (Super Mario Brothers 3)

    To turn a wandering hammer brother (the ones that walk about on the world map) into a white ship full of coins, collect a number of coins that is a multiple of 11. Make the tens digit in your score match the multiple of 11. Stop the timer at the end of the stage that you are playing in on an even number.

    One combination would be: 11 coins, 9,310 as your score, and the timer at 104. This only works in worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  9. To get the N-Spade Card Game (Super Mario Brothers 3)

    To get the N-Spade card game to appear on the World Map. You must do gain 80,000 points as one player, and successfully beat the stage that you broke the 80,000 points with.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  10. Warp Whistles (Super Mario Brothers 3)

    These secret items will allow you to warp. Here are their locations.

    Level 1-3
    Find the white block near the end and crouch on to of it for 5 seconds. Then proceed to the goal, and go behind it. You will find a Mushroom house with a Whistle.

    Level 1 Fortress
    Fly over the top of the level when you find the first door with your raccoon powers, and find a hidden door at the far right on the ceiling. It leads to a warp whistle

    Level 2 Hammer Brother
    Get the Hammer from one of the Hammer Brothers here and use it to destroy the rock at the upper right corner of the Level 2 Map. Then engage the hammer brother on the other side. You should get a chest with a Warp Whistle.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  11. Item Conversion (Super Mario World)

    Try holding an item (shell, trampoline, etc) and cross the Goal line. The item you're carrying will turn into a 1-Up muhroom.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  12. Easy Extra Life (Super Mario World)

    Beat a stage with your time ending in the same digit repeated twice as the tens place of your Star total, and you'll be awarded an extra life.

    With 17 stars, beat the stage with your time ending in 11.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  13. Inverted World Map (Super Mario World)

    Complete teh Special World, then enter the Star Road that appears. The world maps colors will be inverted and some of the enemies will have morphed into new monsters.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  14. Warp to World 4 (Super Mario Brothers 2)

    Go to world 1-3 and find a potion. Now find the vase next to the brick building all the way to the right side of the level. Drop the potion and go into Sub-Space and then warp into the vase (stand on top of it and press down). You will warp to World 4.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  15. Warp to World 5 (Super Mario Brothers 2)

    Go to world 3-1 and go through the door to the large waterfall with all the clouds. Now jump down and land on the platform in the center and enter. Take the potion and drop it near the vase. Enter Sub-space and warp through the vase (press down on the vase). You will warp to World 5.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  16. Warp to World 6 (Super Mario Brothers 2)

    Go to world 4-2 and get the potion. Now find the vase and put the sub-space door next to it (drop it from atop the vase). Now enter sub-space and warp. Welcome to World 6.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  17. Warp to World 7 (Super Mario Brothers 2)

    Go to world 5-3 and get the potion (make sure you can squat-jump to the vase, you need to get someone with a good jumping ability or use an enemy to give you a boost.)

    Put the sub space door near the vase and enter sub space and warp into the vase. You are now in world 7.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  18. Infinite items in Super Mario Bros 3

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  19. Harmless Bowser (Super Mario Brothers 3)

    At the end of the game, when Bowser uses his jump attack on you, duck if you are big Mario, or stay still if you are small Mario. Bowser will break the bricks, but he won't hurt you. If you are small Mario, you can run right through Bowser and not get hurt.

    In other words, Bowser's lower half is harmless, but his upper half can still hurt you.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  20. SMB & Lost Levels - 5000 points from Timer

    Make sure you're Fire Mario/Luigi when you reach Bowser. Blast him with fireballs, but don't grab the axe just yet. Instead, wait the timer out, but make sure you're next to the axe when there's about 50 seconds left. Now get ready and time your jump on the axe so the Timer reads '000'. Once you reach Toad and the game adds the Timer to your score, you may notice that it changed from '000' to '999'. Thus the game thinks you finished with '1000' on the Timer and times that by 5. Note: this does not work on the Original NES version of the game.

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  21. Worlds A-D (Lost Levels)

    To access Worlds A-D, simply beat the game once through without warping.(saving and quitting does not affect this. Simply going through every level at least once on one file will do it.)

    Contributed by: nintendoman666 

  22. Acceleration Glitch (Super Mario Bros. 3)

    Note this glitch requires the use of a SNES controller that allows you to press both Left and Right on the D-Pad simultaneously. This glitch also only works on Super Mario Bros. 3 and only on the All-Stars releases of this game. By pressing both Left and Right, Mario (or Luigi) will move very, very quickly to the right - much faster than is normally possible, even when your P-Meter is maxed. This makes it much easier to get to the goal in a small amount of time (thus meaning more points) and also makes some gaps, previously uncrossable, now crossable.

    Contributed by: KeyBlade999 

  23. Codes

    Effect Effect
    On the title screen, press A, B, L, and R all at the same time. (SMB:LL) High Score Reset
    On the title screen, press A, B, L, and R all at the same time. (SMB1) High Score Reset
    Hold A + B on the gameover screen, then press start. (SMB1) Restart after game over
    Pause then hold L+R and press select. (SMB2) Kill Yourself

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  24. Hidden White Mushroom Houses (Super Mario Brothers 3)

    If you get a certain number of coins in certain levels, you unlock a secret white mushroom house holding a powerful item. Below are the levels and the number of coins needed in each level.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Collect 44 coins. Level 1-4
    Collect 30 coins. Level 2-2
    Collect 41 coins. Level 3-8
    Collect 22 coins. Level 4-2
    Collect 28 coins. Level 5-5
    Collect 78 coins. Level 6-7
    Collect 41 coins. Level 7-2

    Contributed by: Jelly Soup 

  25. World 9 (the Lost Levels)

    To get World 9 in the Lost Levels, beat all 32 levels (World 1-1 to 8-4) in order without using any Warp Zones and you will go to World 9. If you beat World 9 you can go to Worlds A-D (which you can access if you beat the game with warping though).

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat all 32 levels in the Lost Levels without using any Warp Zones World 9

    Contributed by: peach freak 

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