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Super Mario Advance Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Free Hearts

    If you're ever in need of hearts, look for one of those giant Shy-Guy enemies. Jump on it, pick it up, then throw it on the ground again. A heart will come out for you to collect. You can do this an infinite number of times to the same giant Shy-Guy, too.

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

  2. Gain an extra life in each level

    To gain an extra life in any level, collect all 5 Red Coins scattered throughout each level.

    Contributed by: DBM11085 

  3. 99 Lives

    Go to World 3-3. Climb the ladder then jump over the spark enemies to the door over on the ledge. Find the red grass patches; the last one is a shell. Pick it up. Go back to the bottom of the area, and then toss the shell into the doorway. Stand on the ledge and wait. After the shell defeats enough Shy Guys to earn 1,600 points, you'll start earning extra lives. You can easily, and quickly, earn up to 99 lives.

    Contributed by: Steven Chase 

  4. Yoshi Challenge & Finding Yoshi Eggs

    After defeating Wart in World 7-2, you unlock a special Yoshi Challenge game on that file. It allows you to replay any stage in search of two Yoshi Eggs. Unfortunately, it gives no description of the kinds of areas the eggs could be hidden. The eggs are hidden in Subspace, but the searching for the egg is the challenge. Also, if you lose a life, you lose all of your eggs as well.

    Contributed by: Steven Chase 

  5. Yoshi on the Title Screen

    To get Yoshi on the title screen, beat the game on Yoshi's challenge and instead of an egg,there will be a Yoshi.

    Contributed by: CHOCLAIR5 

  6. Warp to World 5

    Go to level 3-1. Go to the waterfall and go down. Keep going until you reach the hill, go in the door on the hill. Pull up veggies until you get a potion. Go to the right and place the potion next to the pot. Enter subspace and go into the pot. You will be warped to the 5th world.

    Contributed by: Ally 

  7. Warp to World 4-1

    In world 1-3 after you get the magic bottle/potion go all the way to the right until you reach the vase thing. Use the magic bottle/potion, jump on the vase and go down. Instead of not being able to go down you'll now be warped to world 4-1.

    Contributed by: Bijanlee 

  8. Bald Birdo

    When you get to the green Birdos jump on her head and press B to pick her bow up. Birdo will be bald!!! If you throw the bow back at Birdo it will land back on her head.

    Contributed by: me frog 

  9. Warp to World 7-1

    Go to world 5-3 as Luigi. After you climb the first ladder, power jump (hold down until you are glowing) on to the platform you normally can't reach. Pull up the plant on the right side of the warp pot. Throw down the bottle and go through the door. In the dark world, jump on top of the pot and go down. You should see the screen wiggle and it will say warp world 7 on a screen with Birdo.

    Contributed by: SkaterpunkDJ 

  10. Warp To World 6

    In the begining of level 4-2 jump down onto the whale and go to the left. You will find some red grass patches which will have a potion. Carry the potion through the entire stage, and rather than go through the door, you can jump on the last whale's tail and jump over a small gap to find a vase. Now drop the potion, enter the door and go down the vase.

    Contributed by: hand of g0d 

  11. Decorative Mario Heads

    For every 2 million points you get in Super Mario 2 game, you get a little Mario head next to the High Score! The maximum is 10,000,000 points / 5 heads. Any more points will NOT get more heads.

    Contributed by: bluberry 

  12. Codes

    Effect Effect
    L + R + A + B + Start + Select (when turning on the GBA) Clear all saved data
    Select + R (Select + L to deactivate) Sleep Mode

    Contributed by: turdle64, RocketDog48 

  13. Earn Mario Heads (Mario Bros.)

    In Mario Brothers, for every 200,000 points you get, a small Mario Head will appear next to your Mario Bros. high score on the game selection screen. You can get up to 4 stars maximum (800,000 points), as your point counter stops at 999,990.

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Get 200,000 points in Mario Bros, and a Mario Head will appear next to your Mario Bros. high score on game selection screen (4 heads maximum) Mario Head (Mario Bros.)

    Contributed by: peach freak 

  14. Change the Green Yoshi to red at the title screen

    Get all 100 A coins in the game, and at the title screen, the Green Yoshi/Egg will turn Red (you must beat the game first to see the egg).

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat game, get all 100 A coins, and the Yoshi/Egg at title screen will turn red. Red Yoshi at title screen

    Contributed by: peach freak 

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