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Super Mario 3D World Cheats For Wii U

  1. Luigi Bros. Mini-Game

    You can unlock the Luigi Bros. mini-game (based off the original Mario Bros. arcade game) one of two ways: (1) Have a Super Luigi U save on your Wii U, or (2) Complete Worlds 1-8 in the main game. Either way, access the game by tapping the Luigi icon in the lower-left corner on the GamePad's touchscreen.

    Contributed by: Elranzer 

  2. Super Mario 3D World Unlimited Lives

    In world 1-2 when you enter the pipe at the beginning of the level you will come to wall climb up that, and there will be 1 turtle and a power up block. Now on the ground there will be 2 purple blocks smash thru that with a butt stomp,and there's another turtle down there, but what you want to do is stomp on him without hitting the shell. Afterwards you want to walk off from the left onto the shell, and if you do it right it will break the blocks and bounce back and fourth giving you as many lives as you want.

    Contributed by: Ices100 

  3. Hidden Pipe to World 2

    Near the end of World 1-2, right above the stamp room is a hidden room that has an orange pipe. It can be reached by using the cat suit to climb up there, and once you go down it you'll warp to World 2.

    Contributed by: BKXD 

  4. Secret Exit in 4-2

    When you re-enter the oustide area after the underground section, climb as a cat the wall behind the item roulette block. Follow the path and enter the pipe to get a shortcut to World 5.

    Contributed by: ABXInferno 

  5. Fireworks

    Much like in the original Super Mario Bros. If you end a stage on a 1, 3, or 6 you will receive fireworks in the shapes of stars and circles.

    Contributed by: BloodRedVegita 

  6. Giant 8-Bit Luigi

    In the first Bowser boss battle in the game, when you get the cat suit, why not run up a wall that makes you see a giant bridge! Stare at the bridge for a while and you will see a giant 8-Bit Luigi swimming in the water that is under the bridge! This Easter egg is very, very easy to do.

    Contributed by: DarkMelon777 

  7. Bonus Worlds

    Obtain all stamps, Green Stars, and make all Checkpoint Flags Gold from World 1 to World Flower. Crown World
    Complete Mushroom World Stage 7 Flower World
    Beat the Star World Mushroom World
    Beat the main game Star World

    Contributed by: Ultimastrike21, theherooftime1, PkmnTrainerRed8 

  8. Save File Stars

    GLITTERING STARS - Your save file stars will be glittering if none of your levels have been cleared using an Invincibility Leaf. If any of them have, simply go back and clear those levels legitimately to get the glittering stars.

    All levels cleared without use of Invincibility Leaf Glittering Stars
    Beat the final level in World 8 (Bowser) Star #1
    Collect all Green Stars in Worlds 1-8 Star #2
    Collect all Stamps in Worlds 1-9 (there are none in 10-11) Star #3
    Get all Golden Flags in Worlds 1-11 Star #4
    Beat worlds 1-11 with all characters for the final Stamps Star #5

    Contributed by: Smoke Rulz 

  9. Five Character Stamps

    In order to get the last five character stamps, you have to beat all the levels with every character. This includes Blockades and Mystery Houses but does not include Captain Toad levels. In multiplayer, the character has to touch the flag for it to count. After gaining access to World Crown, you will be able to see what characters you have beaten a level with with the other collectibles.

    Beat all levels with Luigi Luigi Stamp
    Beat all levels with Mario Mario Stamp
    Beat all levels with Peach Peach Stamp
    Beat all levels with Rosalina Rosalina Stamp
    Beat all levels with Toad Toad Stamp

    Contributed by: mastersuperfan 

  10. Playable Character: Rosalina

    Complete Star World 2 Rosalina (Playable Character)

    Contributed by: Elranzer 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by SGSouth 301K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by noz3r0 161K
General FAQs FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno 395K

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Cheats For Nintendo Switch

  1. Bowser's Fury: Skip 2nd phase of 2nd and 3rd boss fights.

    It is possible to finish the 2nd boss fight as early as 16 cat shines and the 3rd Bowser fight at 40 cat shines, to even beat the game, by skipping the 2nd battle phases.

    Bowser typically retreats when his health reaches half, which then requires more cat shines to battle him again a 2nd time. This may be skipped if Bowser starts the battle with less than half health. Collecting a cat shine while Bowser is out will lower his health. This process may be sped up if using any Bowser Amiibo to call out Bowser just before collecting each shine. If done at least 11 times, Bowser will start the next boss fight at less than half health. If Bowser has already retreated, then it's too late to attempt this.

    Contributed by: ziltama 

  2. White tanooki leaf in inventory

    This trick can only be done in a level with a secret exit, easily done in 1-2. Beating a level or dying will turn the white leaf into a regular leaf.
    First, lose enough lives to make the white leaf box appear, then either use the cat mario amiibo or multiplayer to get the leaf in item reserve.
    Then, use the secret exit. And boom, white leaf in inventory.

    Contributed by: ReducedShark342 

  3. Bowser's fury 100% reward

    100% the game 5 sparkling stars to your file, turn cat suit into lion suit, and turn bowser jr. into cat

    Contributed by: Arseen 

  4. Character Stamps

    If you beat all levels with a certain character, you will get a stamp of that character's icon.

    Complete all Captain Toad levels Captain Toad Stamp
    Complete all levels as Luigi Luigi Stamp
    Complete all levels as Mario Mario Stamp
    Complete all levels as Peach Peach Stamp
    Complete all levels as Rosalina Rosalina Stamp
    Complete all levels as Toad Toad Stamp

    Contributed by: CheezyDawg 

  5. Amiibo Rewards

    Scan Amiibo

    Invincibilty Lucky Bell Cat-Suit Mario
    Random power-up Cat-Suit Peach

    Contributed by: Arseen 

  6. Bonus Worlds

    Obtain every stamp, green star, and gold flag in World 1 to World Flower. Crown World
    Complete Mushroom World Stage 7 Flower World
    Beat the Star World Mushroom World
    Beat the main game Star World

    Contributed by: Valkenhyne 

  7. Unlock Luigi Bros

    Beating Bowser in Bowser World unlocks Luigi Bros mini game. This time having New Super Luigi U save does not open it.

    Beat Bowser in Bowser World Luigi Bros mini game

    Contributed by: Arseen 

  8. Playable Characters

    Complete Level 2 of Star World Rosalina

    Contributed by: GemMiner