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Super Castlevania IV Cheats For Super Nintendo

  1. Full Arsenal

    In the last stage, before you climb the stairs to Dracula, jump down to the left. You will land on an invisible platform. Move all the way to the left of the screen and you will get full health, 99 hearts, a cross, a full upgraded whip, and a III stone.

    Contributed by: Kenshin Zlash 

  2. Three Hidden Routes

    There are three hidden branches from the main path in this game.

    The first one is in stage 3-1. There will be a point where you must descend a short vertical shaft. Halfway down here is a wall of pillars to the left. These can easily be demolished, where you will find a small side room containing hearts, cash bags, and some Roast.

    The second secret, which is an actual hidden Block, is in stage 6-2. At the very beginning you'll need to pass a hallway with Axe Knights and falling chandeliers. The third archway has a chandelier but no guard. Hit the floor a couple of times and it'll crumble, revealing a stairwell into a secret area.

    The last one is in Block 9-2. The third section has you jump across a bed of spikes at the beginning. After this you'll see several whirlwind tunnels and some coffins. The last upper platform on the right has a coffin and a tunnel. Let the tunnel suck you in and you'll find a hidden area full of bonuses.

    Contributed by: Deacon Frost 

  3. Free Large Meat on Stage 9

    On Stage 9, jump on any treasure chest 256 times and a large meat will fall from the ceiling and restore your health. The gold sparks must pop out of the chest for the jump to count.

    Contributed by: SBAllen 

  4. Hard Mode

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Beat the game once. Hard Mode

    Contributed by: Master Bigode 

  5. Codes

    Note: When you reach the screen that says ''Enter Your Name'' leave the space blank, do not enter a name or the password will not work.

    Effect Effect
    heart-axe-space-holy water, axe-space-space-heart, space-axe-space-space, space-heart-space-space Higher Difficulty

    Contributed by: chrono trigger fan 

  6. Stage passwords

    Note: When you come to ''Enter your name'' Leave the space blank or these passwords won't work.

    Effect Effect
    Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space Level 2
    Sspace-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Space, Heart-Space-Space-Space Level 3
    Space-Space-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Axe, Space-Space-Space-Space Level 4
    Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Axe-Space-Space Level 5
    Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Axe-Space-Space Level 6
    Space-Space-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Hart-Space-Space, Space-Heart-Space-Firebombs, Space-Axe-Space-Space Level 7
    Space-Space-Space-Space, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space Level 8
    Space-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Firebombs, Heart-Firebombs-Space-Space Level 9
    Space-Space-Space-Heart, Firebombs-Heart-Space-Space, Space-Heart-Space-Heart, Axe-Firebombs-Space-Space Level A
    Space-Space-Space-Axe, Firebombs-Space-Space-Space, Space-Space-Space-Heart, Heart-Heart-Space-Space Level B
    Space-Space-Space-Firebombs, Firebombs-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Firebombs-Space-Space, Space-Heart-Axe-Space Level B (Dracula)

    Contributed by: Anti Angel, Master Bigode 

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