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Suikoden II Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Play as McDohl

    First, you must have save data from Suikoden loaded into the Suikoden 2 file. Then, after you beat Luca Blight, go to Banner Village. Talk to the hero lookalike, and he will tell you McDohl is here. Go east of the inn to see Gremio or Ellie blocking the way. Go talk to the lookalike again, and he will divert attention. Talk to McDohl, and Gremio/Ellie will eventually tell you Ko, the lookalike, is gone. You, McDohl, and Gremio/Ellie go off to find Ko in the path to Gregminster. At the end, you will be face to face with Lepant, who offers McDohl the presidency. He and Gremio eventually go to their house in Gregminster, where he can be recruited at any future time.

    Contributed by: CVagts 

  2. Color Intro

    When you are preparing to jump into the river in the beginning, Rowd will have a group of soldiers attack you. When he runs off answer Jowy so that you won't jump off, Rowd will return with more soldiers. Do this 108 times for a color intro and to level up your characters as well.

    Contributed by: GenGentheKobold 

  3. New save icon

    First, acquire the five squirrels by walking along the routes surrounding Greenhill alone, or with other squirrels. After obtaining all five (which can be time consuming), check your memory card icon on your playstation. There should be a new icon, and you also get another scene at the end of the game for acquiring all five squirrels.

    Contributed by: GenGentheKobold 

  4. Hidden Room in Radat

    When Viki teleports the hero from the headquarters to anywhere in the game, she sometimes mistakenly teleports you and says, "huh?". If you're lucky, you get teleported to the secret room in Radat, where there are some neat items.

    Contributed by: makumaku 

  5. Hidden Scenes

    Bring Valeria to Banner Village to recruit Anita.

    Bring Killey to Gregminster to recruit Lorelai.

    Defeat Rowd in Kyaro when he comes to arrest you.

    Speak to Gengen before you speak to Leona after you are asked to buy some flour from Ryube.

    Take Flik or Viktor to Lakewest when recruiting Hix and Tengaar.

    When running from the Unicorn Brigade, go north instead of east and examine just to the right of where you'll later leave the X mark. This is also a time saver.

    Talk to Shu first the night before your battle with Luca Blight. Your responses trigger an extra scene with Apple the next morning.

    Talk to Leona the night before you fight Luca.

    Talk to Leona the night before retaking Greenhill.

    Take different "pure women" with you to recruit Sigfried. We recommend Sierra or Mikumiku.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  6. Extra Boots

    Before jumping off the cliff at the start of the game unequip the boots on Riou and equip them on Jowy. When Pohl asks you to get two pairs of boots take three from Barbara. Equip two pairs of boots on Riou and talk to Barbara again, she will allow you to take three more pairs of boots resulting in four free pairs.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  7. Leon's Defeat Speech

    When you are invading Highland (Shu uses himself as bait), put Tsai in Viktor's unit. If you're lucky, the Fire Spear will defeat Leon, and you'll get to hear his very rare defeat speech.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  8. Instant Level 99

    When a character is at Lv. 39 (Lv. 49 with a Fortune rune), go to L'Renouille. Fight a group of Highland x6. Kill off all party members but him, then defeat the enemy. His level should shoot up to 99.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  9. Armor Swapping Glitch

    Each character can wear different types of armor, and some can not wear some types of armor. However, there is a trick to get around this. Just exchange equipment directly from the individual character's inventory! It is easy!
    However, the person who is giving the unequipable armor to another has to be able to equip the armor that the other person is wearing. For example, if Humphrey is wearing Knight Armor, and Luc has a tunic on, you could do this because Humphrey could wear tunics, however, if Luc is wearing Magic Robes, this will not work.
    Also, if a character is wearing non-removable armor/accessories this won't work, and characters that can not use shields can not have shields swapped.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  10. Extra Flowing and Mother Earth Runes

    Speak with the Rune Master at Gregminster and buy all runes that appear in Rare Finds. If there are no rare finds, then just select 'Quit'. Observe the cabinet behind the Rune Master and then speak with him again. There is a 60 to 70 percent chance that the Rare Finds will open up. Try this once during every trip to Gregminster.

    Contributed by: GenmaNinja 

  11. Generate a Random Name for Hero

    When you start a new game and it gets to the screen to name the character, make sure the name box is empty and highlight "Determine," press "X" and it will automatically generate a random name.

    Contributed by: derekgraddy 

  12. Easy Stat Ups for Characters

    To take part in this in-game cheat, you must have at least one of the Stones (i.e. Stone of Power, Stone of Defense, etc.). Having multiple stones speeds up the process of gaining stats.

    NOTE: Make sure to SAVE your game FIRST before you try this!

    Use the stones on any character, then enter a battle and lose. (Tip: Unequipping all armor before the battle makes it faster to lose.) At the game over screen, don't give up. It will reload you to your last save. You will retain all of the items you previously had before your character died (i.e. the stones). You will also retain the stats that you gained from the stones.

    This can be repeated any number of times on any character.

    Contributed by: Zealous1714 

  13. Maximum Potch

    You must have already recruited the armor shop owner to your armies cause for this trick to work. Once this has been done, go to his shop. This glitch involves some simple calculations, use the following example as a guide to see how it is done. Equip one character with Dragon Armor (23,000 potch), and make sure that at least two other characters have no armor equipped, but can wear Dragon Armor. You should also have 23,000 to 30,000 potch. Talk to the armorer, go to buy, then choose to purchase Dragon Armor. When prompted to place it in the bag or to equip it, choose to equip it on the character already wearing Dragon Armor. When prompted to sell the old armor or put it in the bag, cancel the action. You should still be in buying mode for the armor. Simply purchase and equip the two armorless characters Dragon Armor. The potch meter will reset to somewhere around 999,999.

    Contributed by: Katra000 

  14. Free Recover at Inn

    Step 1. Go to an Inn and choose to Stay

    Step 2. Hit the cancel button to get out of the Save/Don't Save choice.

    Step 3. Exit out of the Inn's options and you will see that your party is fully recovered.

    Contributed by: blitzballboy20 

  15. Easy Luca Blight Defeat

    The fight against Luca Blight is a difficult battle. He can easily level your entire party if you don't come prepared. With this glitch, it will be impossible for him to defeat you. Here's a rundown on what to do. 1: Before heading into the war room and moving out, make a party of 6. 2: With the party of six, make sure you put Riou in the 4th (bottom-left) slot. 3: Head into the war room. 4: When assembling your parties, Riou will appear to be in the first slot. 5: DO NOT put anyone else in Riou's party. 6: Go fight Luca. 7: When you're at Riou's part, Luca will not attack at all. Pick at him with Riou for the easy win. For the first two fights, you don't have to win them. If Luca beats your first party, he will move on to the second. When he beats the second, he'll move on to the third. The third fight is the battle you have to win. But, with this glitch, it'll be impossible for Luca to win that third battle, gaining you an easy win over the toughest battle in the game.

    Contributed by: Boomerang78 

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