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Sudoku Gridmaster Cheats For DS

  1. Star Unlockables

    Solving puzzles ranks your performance out of four and gives you a corresponding number of stars. Collecting a certain number of stars unlocks more features:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    100 Stars 30 Puzzles
    120 Stars 30 Puzzles
    Complete a Practice or Easy puzzle in 5 minutes or less 4 stars
    Complete a Normal puzzle in 10 minutes or less 5 stars
    20 stars 50 puzzles
    80 Stars 50 puzzles
    Complete a Hard puzzle in 15 minutes or less 6 stars
    40 stars 70 puzzles
    Collect 60 stars Bronze Rank Test
    Collect 220 stars and complete Bronze and Silver Rank Tests Gold Rank Test
    Collect 240 stars Hard 101-110
    Collect 260 stars Hard 111-120
    Collect 200 stars Hard 91-100
    Collect 160 stars Normal 141-160, Hard 81-90
    Collect 180 stars Normal 161-190
    Collect 300 stars and complete Bronze, Silver and Gold Rank Tests Platinum Rank Test
    Collect 140 stars and complete Bronze Rank Test Silver Rank Test

    Contributed by: lamename3000, TheEggman, jimmilu 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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General FAQs FAQ by zero42g 111K
General FAQs FAQ by Tails7651 29K
In-Depth FAQs Easy Mode Solutions by IceQueenZer0 21K