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Stretchmo Cheats For 3DS

  1. Papa Blox's levels

    There are 10 "hidden" levels made by papa Blox's in Stretchmo studio 5 are given at the start (Sheep, Ice pop, Snail, bell pepper and red-roofed bourse) but the other 5 must be unlocked

    Complete levels 31-40 in corin's fortress of fun Blastro
    Complete levels 21-30 in corin's fortress of fun Clock
    Complete levels 11-20 in corin's fortress of fun Floato
    Complete levels 1-10 in corin's fortress of fun Guardo
    Complete levels 41-50 in corin's fortress of fun Moai

    Contributed by: WiiUYoshi 

  2. Extra Stretchmo Studio Features

    Some extra features can be unlocked by having enough Stretchmo in Stretchmo Studio. It does not matter how many you have had overall, but how many you have at the current moment. They don't need to be yours, nor do they need to be by someone else. Deleting Stretchmo after this will not prevent you from using the feature. (for example, if you get 10 Stretchmo and delete 1, you can still use the larger 2D canvas)

    Have 10 Stretchmo saved to Stretchmo Studio Larger 2D Mode Canvas (32 by 32)
    Have 30 Stretchmo saved to Stretchmo Studio Place Gadgets on All 4 Sides

    Contributed by: BlanketPI 

  3. Unlock Perilous Peak area

    Complete all levels in all four starting areas to unlock this secret fifth area.

    Beat all levels in Playtime Plaza, Sculpture Square, Fortress of Fun and NES Expo. Perilous Peak

    Contributed by: NintendoGamer83 

  4. Stretchmo Master Certificate

    By completing every single level in the Perilous Peak Attraction, the guide robots will present you with a certificate acknowledging you as a master of Stretchmo!

    Complete Perilous Peak Strechmo Certificate

    Contributed by: ChaosUnown