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Star Trek The Next Generation: Birth of the Federation Cheats For PC

  1. Infinite Money/Research/No Fog

    Create a Shortcut to the game. then in the properties setting of the shortcut, change the Target so it has '' -Mudd'' at the end, without quotes, case sensitive and with a space after ''exe''. for example mine reads ''C:\rotf\trek.exe -Mudd''

    once thats done. start a new game, using the shortcut (for some reason autorun doesnt allow this cheat to work).
    whilst in game:
    press F9 to accumulate research on whatever your current ''project'' is.
    press F10 for an extra 10,000 credits, this way you can never run out of money.
    press F11 so you can see the whole map, uncovering all previously unexplored sectors.

    Contributed by: Mol 

  2. View in-game Video's

    Start game with trek.exe but add the following to get the desired effect.
    trek.exe -bones to see the FMV when u form an alliance
    trek.exe -kirk to see the FMV when a planet is destroyed
    trek.exe -gorn to see the FMV when the game is lost
    trek.exe -picard to see the FMV when the game is won

    Contributed by: Jezza Hardcore Hardy 

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