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Spider: The Video Game Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Laboratory Passwords

    Effect Effect
    FW1MC 939GP R8F3B F7KT1 70's Room
    1FMLC 939GP R8FB F7KT1 Lab Floor
    86MLC 939GP R8F3V FQ554 Lap Top
    CHMLC 939GP R8F3L WGTS3 Sinks

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  2. Sewer Passwords

    Effect Effect
    W7KB3 Y1VBV P8F3L C1M95 Along the Sewer
    X7KB3 Y1VLN 7BF31 CH1C3 Food Carton
    Q7KB3 Y1LDR TQD3V KCDT1 Ryan's World
    V7KB3 Y1B15 S8F3Q S7QC1 The Wells
    Y7KB3 Y1VV1 6QF3Q S7QC1 Up the Well

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  3. City Passwords

    Effect Effect
    N7KB3 Y19GP R8F3G GK4T3 Along the Street
    9WV5L 939GP R8F3L RT6S4 Down the Street
    W9PNT 839GP R8F3B 9LVS3 Park
    6SXXS 939GP R8F3L RT6S4 Side of Building
    N7KB3 Y19GP R8F3V 95HR5 Under the Street

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  4. Factory Passwords

    Effect Effect
    FW1MC 939GP R8F36 DTTS3 Boxes
    BSRMC 939GP R8F3V TKKT1 Conveyors
    WDRQC 939GP R8F3L M8S95 Machine Room
    8WV5L 939GP R8F3G 1QJB4 Mechanical Arm Boss
    8WV5L 939GP R8F36 DTTS3 Tubes

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  5. Evil Lab Passwords

    Effect Effect
    68KB3 Y118H 56TIT MVM35 Brain Boss
    T7KB3 Y118H 56TIF NY4R4 Brian's Folly
    Q7KB3 Y1LDR TQD3L CQSR3 Circuit Boards
    S7KB3 Y118H 56T1T CQSR3 Hard Drives
    68KB3 Y118H 68TI5 1P6C4 Kip's Bonus
    R7KB3 Y118H 56T1W TY4R4 Lap Top
    T7KB3 Y118H 56TIT C4LD1 On the Ceiling

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  6. Museum Passwords

    Effect Effect
    H7KB3 Y1QFP R8F3Q XSDS4 Dinosaur Bones
    P7KB3 Y19GP R8F3B PFGC3 Display Case
    J7KB3 Y1GWP R8F31 766D1 Model City
    K7KB3 Y1B15 S8F3B TQBB4 Museum Boss
    K7KB3 Y1B15 S8F3Q XSDS4 Temple
    G7KB3 Y11GP R8F3B PFGC3 Volcano

    Contributed by: Saikyo Mog 

  7. Refill power and weapons

    Effect Effect
    Pause the game and press Triangle, X, X, X, Circle, X, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Circle Refill power and weapons
    Pause the game and press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle Small Spider

    Contributed by: KasketDarkfyre 

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