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Soul Edge Cheats For PlayStation

  1. Ending Camera Control

    During an ending do the following for the corresponding effect:

    A = A attack
    B = B attack

    Hold A - Zoom in
    Hold B - Zoom out
    Up - Top view
    Down - Horizontal view
    Left - Spin counter-clockwise
    Right - Spin clockwise

    Contributed by: ruhztee 

  2. Namco Voice Trick

    At the beginning of the game you will hear a voice say "Namco". Hold L1 + L2 and then press Up for Sueng Mina's voice, Down for a quick voice, or Back for a normal voice.

    Contributed by: freakunique 

  3. Alternate Costumes

    At the character select screen, press the following buttons for the corresponding costume:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    At the character select screen press B Attack Alternate default color costume
    At the character select screen press B Attack + Guard Alternate guard color costume
    Beat the game with all ten characters Alternate title screen
    At the character select screen press A Attack Default costume
    At the character select screen press A Attack + Guard Guard costume
    Unlock Soul Edge, then complete the game with Hwang, then again with Seung Mina Han Myong
    At the character select screen press Kick New Soul Blade
    Obtain Siegfried's 8th weapon. Siegfried!
    Obtain Sophitia's 8th weapon Sophitia!
    Get every weapon for every character Sophitia!!
    Play the game for 20 hours without pausing, resetting or turning off the power Soul Edge
    Finish arcade mode with all ten standard characters. Soul Edge

    Contributed by: ruhztee, Alfonse, Lagunathemoron, Inspector Bumhat 

  4. Alternate Endings

    To view an alternate ending, do the following for each character when the black lines disappear from the top and bottom of the ending cinema:

    Unlockable Unlockable
    B Attack Cervantes de Leon
    A Attack Hwang Sung Kyung
    Press A Attack then B Attack repeatedly Li Long
    Beat Tanegashima by pressing Left or Right to avoid the bullet, then run forward and attack with B before he reloads Mitsurugi Heijiroh
    B Attack Rock Adams
    Quickly press down then up to make her dodge Seung Mina
    B Attack Siegfried
    Move Right Sophitia Alexander
    Press Guard to block Soul Edge's attack Taki
    Quickly press up then down until Soul Edge breaks Voldo

    Contributed by: ruhztee 

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Soul Edge Cheats For Arcade Games

  1. Select the Alternate Costume

    To select a character's alternate outfit. Just hold guard and an attack button while your desired character is highlighted.

    Press and hold guard then any button while selecting your character Select Alternate Costume

    Contributed by: SegGelGuy2009