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Sonic Advance Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Extra Sound Test Music

    Normally the sound test has 39 songs on it. If you can beat (not just make it to) The Moon Zone, then the Sound Test will Have songs 40 (The Moon Zone), 41 (Sonic has cleared EXTRA), and 42 (Super Sonic Ending).

    Contributed by: MikeEXE 

  2. Past the Screen Boundary - Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1

    Run up to the first yellow spring in the level (Just as the ground turns to pavement and grass) and jump to the right side of it. Push yourself against it, face right, and do a spin dash. Release to send Sonic/Tails/Knuckles spinning forward, while holding Right on the control pad, and hold it. You'll go through the two loops, but as you go downhill, your character will fly far right and off the screen. Keep holding Right untill the camera catches up with your character.

    Contributed by: Bendilin 

  3. Duplicate Chao

    You must have a GBA, GBA to GCN link cable, two memory card with Chao garden saves, and this game. Send the Chao you want to duplicate to the GBA. It should say it's making a copy. Once you have the copy go to move. Move the duplicated Chao to the Garden in slot two. Now take the Chao out of the garden and put it in slot 1. Now take the other Chao from slot 2 and transfer it to slot 1. You now have two of the same Chao.

    Contributed by: showman 

  4. Chao memory trip

    During the chao memory game press the A button as your chao moves a card and it'll trip up. This can stop it from moving the card.

    Contributed by: Hyperhedgehoghammer 

  5. Play with Sonic & Tails in Story Mode

    Go to game start on the main menu, and select Sonic (don't press A, just make sure he is on your screen.) When you do this, do the following:

    up, right, down, right, L, right, R right, A

    You should hear a chime like you just collected a ring letting you know the code was right. Select a course (if you have that option) and have fun.

    Oh, by the way, the computer Tails isn't very smart, but it can be helpful. (He doesn't Die.)

    Contributed by: Brother_Rice989 

  6. Unlockables

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Find all Chaos Emeralds with any character, then beat the game with all character. Beat Moon Zone with Sonic to unlock. Moon Zone

    Contributed by: Dynamo X 

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Sonic Advance Cheats For N-Gage

  1. Unlock Moon Zone

    Beat the game with all 7 Chaos emerald's and play Sonic's X-Zone. After you defeat him, you will unlock the moon zone.

    Contributed by: CAHowell 

  2. Unlock Chao Mode

    Beat the game with any character to unlock the Chao Garden.

    Contributed by: MajinZidane